About Mark Slack, CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Author: Mark Slack, CPRW

Mark Slack is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) with over eight years of experience sculpting interview-landing resumes and cover letters for clients from all walks of life. He has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from The College of Charleston, which helps him craft any job seeker into a compelling protagonist. Last but not least, he believes that spelling resume as “résumé” is pretentious and unnecessary, and is ready to argue with you about it on Twitter.

Mark's career and resume advice has been featured across the web, including TheMuse.com, TheNextWeb.com, Monster.com, Popsugar.com, Rasmussen.edu, Yahoo.com, NYDailyNews.com, TheUndercoverRecruiter.com, and Mashable.com.

He's also the author of The Resume Genius Writing Guide: Everything Jobseekers Need to Know About Resume Writing.

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