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Dirty, sludge ridden blues metal. Finer elements fused together from a culture driven region exposed to some of the best raw music in the world. It’s NOLA metal and it has spawned some of the best underground, unique bands including Down, Crowbar and of course EYEHATEGOD. Its a family of musicians not by blood but by pure respect and passion. The results vary from band to band, and many of the musicians are apart of several different bands from and in the area.

EYEHATEGOD formed in the late 1980’s in the rising NOLA metal scene, by Jimmy Bower and Joey LaCaze. They built with Brian Patton, Mike Williams and what became a new bass player every 4 years or so. They took their time, spending a few years getting their demos and kinks out, gaining a deal with a small French label. Only a few thousand copies were printed before it went under, but thank the Lloyd Century Media got in the mix.

After establishing the band enough to tour constantly with White Zombie, Corrosion of Conformity and others, the band members broke off to create and record with other bands. Conflicts Jimmy Bower was the drummer on Crowbar albums and Down’s Debut NOLA. Brian Patton took the time to record Soilent Green‘s first album. Marco Barbieri, formerly with Century Media recalls, “At this time, Eyehategod are already not the most educated band or in the most stable of mindsets. Coming from New Orleans they were a pioneer of that scene but did not have the connections and resources of bands from Los Angeles or New York, so this music business b.s. was not something they were able to understand or tolerate and not having any professional advisors in place or to deal with the politics of the situation it was an ugly era to walk into. ” Because of this and the band members constant creative activity, they were only able to get a few demos out and splits with various labels until sitting down to give it another go as EHG and record Dopesick.

“Thankfully, the group was convinced to give it another go and recorded the Dopesick album 3 years after their previous outing. That album is considered by many to be a landmark release. But before it was released and cherished more incidents happened. The band was so out of sorts personally, as was producer Billy Anderson, that the cocktail for destruction was ripe. This led to calls from the studio to the label about their rampant behavior, including the infamous story of singer Mike Williams breaking a bottle on the studio floor slashing his hands and arms and bleeding all over the studio.” Recalls Marco.

That album sent them on the road in 1997, again with the now infamous White Zombie and Pantera, gaining worldwide attention for the NOLA metal scene and sludge as a force in music. Then drama for your momma says Marco, “We were all so stoked but the band preferred to alienate as much of the mainstream audience by insulting the crowds with hateful words and an abundance of feedback. This tour also included EHG getting Phil Anselmo so wasted he OD’d leading to the end of the dates.”

The band had some struggles internally to go along with the shanannaghans so the members focused on their other notable side-projects. In 2k they gathered to get out a collection of singles and their 7″ and split records on one album called Southern Discomfort. When they did, it led them to create a new full length album, and the final fulfillment of their label deal. This time more mature musicially and mentally, the band created one of their more polished albums, Confederacy of Ruined Lives. With an album title like that you better figgin bring it! The band was able to get world wide with their touring and hit Europe and Japan and have some successes. But at the time it wasn’t enough. “Despite all our efforts EHG still held a grudge and wanted off the company refusing to record for the label and fighting ensued for several years more ultimately with the band and company agreeing to record a final effort 4 years later before being set free. To this day EHG are a forerunner and influence.”

All the while, the band members recorded and supported those other projects like Soilent Green, Down and new project from Jimmy Bower The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight and Mike Williams busting out Outlaw Order and Arson Anthem bands.

Although 2000 was the last time we got an album from them, they have teased us with a few singles like 2012’s New Orleans is the new Vietnam, and tour randomly, playing festivals and concerts like January 10th at Cheyenne Saloon in Vegas. It will be the first time playing Vegas since the Huntridge days, so make sure you get your tickets now!

011014_CheySaloon copy

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N.O.S. by We Gave It Hell

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Strange Mistress
Psychedelic Soul Rock

From their official Facebook page:
‘Strange Mistress is a “Psychedelic Soul Rock” trio that is comprised of three of the finest musicians in the Las Vegas valley. Their influences stem deep in the traditions of groups such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and Black Sabbath while also drawing heavy influences from 90’s acts such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Sound Garden. They have been known to add eclectic styles and themes to traditional psychedelic rock song structures while maintaining a heavy edge.’

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Las Vegas based Parade of Lights is currently taking off with recently released single ‘We’re The Kids Now’, which is getting national airplay and licensed on new Fall TV show Master Chef Junior. Catch them live in Vegas when they open Holiday Havoc and 30 Seconds to Mars and Pepper on 11/30 at the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Stay up to date with the band as they will be very busy with their recent signing to Astralwerks Records


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Since we have just started this feature, we need some feed back! What links would you like us to use? Direct to the tickets or to the venue’s website or to the social media event page? Let us know on our facebook page!

Throw The Fight, Someday Broken, Circle of Sand, Substance at LVCS

The Lucky Cheats at Gold Mine Tavern

Tuff, Blackbox 13, Cyanide at Count’s Vamp’d

LoveHateAway, Almost Normal, The Astaires at Backstage Bar & Billiards

Afroman, Ekoh, Devastate, War Paint, KLASS-SICK at LVCS:

J Alvarez at Hard Rock Live on the Strip

The Eli James Experience, Moonprizn at Beauty Bar

GoodFire, California Stars, Meade Ave at Bar702

Aloha Fridays: Baba B at The Hideaway

Irie Junction, The What Knotts, Sweet Ginger Pie at Cheyenne Saloon

Whiskey Southern at Gold Mine Tavern

Outta The Black, Smashing Alice, JetBlackLab at Count’s Vamp’d

Toni Tee & Liquid Wisom, Ambush Americana, TUlgy Wood at Backstage Bar & Billiards

New World Martyr, The Third Degree, Slight Return, Rue, Jinxemgood at LVCS

Say What?! feat: BaddPitt, Maxwell Fresh, The Solid Suns, Joshua Ellis at Beauty Bar

Twenty8, Jesse Pino, Leather Bound Crooks at Bar702

Hard Pipe Hitters, False Cause, Roid Rage, S.F.T. and Turbosnail at The Golden Palms

Blak:Void, Vile Child, Tyrants of Torment, Last of Us at Cheyenne Saloon

Roxy Gunn Project at Gold Mine Tavern

Damage Inc (Metallica Tribute), Systemec at Count’s Vamp’d

Julieta Venegas at House of Blues

Nicki Bluhm & The Gamblers, The Clydesdale at Beauty Bar

Keep checking back each week for more listings and our concert section as we slowly add dates to our calendar as we get them.

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Song of the Week 9/24-10/1 – Vulcan by Tales of the Grotesque

Las Vegas based techy-thrashy-grindy-deathy-core band Tales of the Grotesque recently released an EP for your ear-hole pleasure. It features 3 “br00tal” tracks including Vulcan, the song of the week. It doesn’t smell like flowers, it reeks of a festering decay of corpses. If that’s not your thing, go scare your grandmother with it.

Visit TOTG on the webbings:
Facebook | Twitter | Spotify


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Band of the Week 9/24-10/01 – The People’s Whiskey

Hailing from the homely-hometown of Hendertucky (Henderson for those looking on a map), this 4 piece Rock N Roll Punk band is fresh off a full length album recording session. The label taking over Las Vegas and slowly the world is upstart Squidhat Records, who will be releasing their self titled debut in November, and is getting ready to get them heard and distributed to the world. This band has one of the best live shows of any act in Vegas, and now they have the album the almost reflects that energy passion. Expect them everywhere soon, and listen to them now below.

Pre-order The People’s Whiskey NOW –

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RANT: Remember your fans on your way to your heaven.

I have met alot of musicians. From known to oblivious and every kind in between. I remember how music made me feel. The rawness, the emotions, the choose-your-own-adventure kind of exploration into something relative to your own angst. Many of your favorite tunes came from your youth. Your teens, your early introduction to the adult world, that musical display of all you feel that you cannot explain. Well when you are an actual adult and can explain your feelings and angst and actually be proactive about it, you begin to realize things. Slowly but ever so surely you find that all those things that shaped you, in your own manifestations of memories, are unraveling. Sure you cling as long as you need to, to get you through the trials and tribulations of maturity, but how long do you cling to childhood ways? Late 20’s I would say, then whatever god you belive in starts fucking with your ideals and forces you into reality. THE reality that you are living with today. Those in your parents house or living off of a college bound paved road need not apply as most of the world doesnt have the luxury of seemingly shipping off from validictorian of high school to the college of your choice. This world needs music, but do we need your arrogance overshadowing the art you created? Do we need you, the musician, and your selfish agenda feeding our children and rehashing old memories forever? No not really. But in a way those songs that defined our youth will forever define us, and will forever guide us, protect us and push us into the ever expanding volumes of life and we DO need it.

With that being said. FUCK YOU. How dare you use that vulnerability to fuel your own arrogance from city to city, clinging onto the fire and passion you once had. FUCK YOU for manipulating me into another session of crap you force out to keep obligations happy instead of your soul. And most of all FUCK YOU for expecting some outsider to connect with those souls your met along your journey. If you expect some promoter or entity to gather the people you connected PERSONALLY or DIRECTLY with along your journey of musical experimentation, you are missing half the glory of your journey. It should be about those moments in citys or past experiences of your own soul connecting with those on the same page and fueled your passion that allowed you to grow as a person, a musician and whatever the fuck else you are trying to be as an artist.

Being on both sides of the fence makes me realize I have always been better off balancing on the the divider, appreciating each side of creation and expression, and challenging those arrogant fucks to realize the nuances of how their music effects boths spectrums.

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Check out these live events in Las Vegas and beyond! Every week we will be posting top concert destinations and underground music shows. Be sure to check out our song and band of the week features to get aquainted with those coming to town, and those you should be listening to!

Tuesday 9/17:

Fremont Country Club – P.O.D. with Otherwise, Stars In Stereo – 21+

Wednesday 9/18:

Hard Rock Live on the Strip – Sevendust with 10 Years, Serosia, American Fangs – 18+

The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel – Motley Crue’s Evening In Hell –

Thursday 9/19:

Hard Rock Live on the Strip – Tech N9ne – 18+

Friday 9/20:

Cheyenne Saloon – LVDF Presents: Shawn Whitaker of Insidious Decrepancy/Viral Load with Spun In Darkness, Phalloplasty – 21+

Backstage Bar & Billiards – Guttermouth, Agent Orange, Pinata Protest, The Quitters, The Seriouslys – 21+

The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel – Motley Crue’s Evening In Hell – 18+

Hard Rock Live on the Strip – Adam Ant and The Good, The Mad & The Lovely Posse – 21+

Bar 702 – Acoustic Night with Twenty 8, For the Fight/Payback By Proxy members, Arising Tide – 21+

Saturday 9/21:

Cheyenne Saloon – Old Man Syndrome CD release show –

Fremont Country Club – Hanson with Paul McDonald – 21+

The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel – Motley Crue’s Evening In Hell – 18+

Beauty Bar – The Objex with One Pin Short, The People’s Whiskey – 21+

Sunday 9/22:

LVCS – Rebel Souljahz, ST1, Haleamano, Mahi Crabbe, Aina Roots – 21+

The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel – Motley Crue’s Evening In Hell – 18+

Monday 9/23:

Henderson Pavilion – A Day To Remember’s House Party Tour with Pierce the Veil, All Time Low, The
Wonder Years – All Ages

Check back next week! Have a show you want to add? You see our format, send your show details like we have above to our Facebook page!

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Go listen. Shut up, listen then try not to start a space revolution with that erection, I dare you!

Wax Pig Melting online