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Cali based alt rockers Dizzylilacs have released a single off their upcoming EP ‘Make Like New’ entitled “Unconscious Illness”. Stream below, if you dig it, share it!

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Huntington Beach metal act Haster has released a new video for their single “Within These Walls” from their album Let It Go, out now on their website Watch the video below and share if you enjoy!

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eNVy Concert Series at House of Blues Las Vegas kicks off the new year Jan 16th with Spun In Darkness, Opticleft, Nocturnal Burial, We Gave It Hell, Man Made God, Casket Raider – Get your FREE 18+ ages comp tix from the bands directly or email your name and quantity needed to

Listen to the bands music below!

Spun In Darkness – “Cloaked In Violence”
Opticleft – “Acresion”
Nocturnal Burial – “A Feral Rebirth”
We Gave It Hell – “Magnus”
Man Made God – “The Martyr”
Casket Raider – “Invasion”


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Jonate Spiewak of Days After Hail band from Las Vegas has released a new video for his acoustic cover of OT Genasis’ “Coco” through Skyfall Music and shot by Mallen Entertainment. Check it out below.



A Chat With The Man In The Mirror

Posted: 9th January 2015 by FiggZilla in General, Rants
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      A strange thing happens when you do something for a long time. You step back, analyze where you are at, where you should be and why aren’t you fucking there yet? Everyone experiences different levels of success and interperets them as they seem fit. Usually to adjust to their ego or insecurities or to revel in contentment. We are all dissillusioned to a certain level and all have ideals and passions and dreams. Some use thier hobbies to excape their real life and others feel that their hobbies outweigh your career. Its a delicate thing for a professional to cross streams with a hobbiest, and the same for a dreamer to face a realist. Sometimes a hobby becomes a potential career and you have no clue it happened or how to maintain it. You put all your spare time into creating something or building something and when you step back and realize what happened and where you are at, its humbling, frightning and exciting all at once. You learn more from the failures and wish the successes never end, but always move forward. Never be a hobbiest to forget your career, have a career that makes you forget it is one.
One thing that comes with any career is baggage. Unclaimed and unwanted baggage that weights heavily on your progression. Shitty co-workers/peers, bad planning or lackluster efforts are all baggage that comes with any territory but how you let it effect you, can make all the difference in the world. Focusing on things you cannot control or improve or change will drive any person mad. Those little things can make you miss the bigger picture, and forget what drives you. Frustrations and road blocks happen in life, but overcoming them makes you stronger and allows you to achieve what ever the fuck you are looking for. You do know what you are looking for right?
Its easier to forget your goals when life happens, and it happens to the best of us. The tedious needs of a job you hate or a child and significant other you love can take anyone away from their true goals and dreams. Putting them on the backburner or into the kiln to harden into a reminder of what could have been, sometimes taking you away from what is and what it can be in just a matter of time. The illusion of time that mankind created has also created the overbearing need to disreguard it at earliest convienience. The old “I just dont have the time”, is utter horseshit. People waste more time that they will ever actually use correctly, then blame actual importing things as the reasons they arent accomplishing more of their life’s goals. The same can go for the amount of money you have or dont have. People love to spend money on entertainment, and who doest love a great movie, album or video game? Those dissapear when looking for accountability as to where your savings and pocket money went, and again, where all the time went. Its not that you should erase all those things completely, its that you should just be honest about it. Be honest with yourself on the reasons you arent reaching for the stars and if it bothers you that you arent accomplishing them, then do something about it.
The same goes for wanting more for other people than they are willing to work for or are ready for. Hell, most of the time you put more into the fantasy of what they can accomplish than the reality of what they are even capible of. Putting unrealisting pressure on another person is just as detremental as doing it to yourself. Its a hell of a burden to be the face of someone elses failure, due to your meddling. Butt the fuck out and worry about yourself. Of course, offer advise from your relevant perspective, but try not to expect them to take it.
So go on, and chase your dreams, acheive your goals, and leave the contentment for the rest of the world.

Dear Diary

Posted: 25th November 2014 by FiggZilla in General, Rants
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Dear Diary, I decided to make music on my own time and dime and pace with some like-minded people. I feel this pace is ready to play in live music establishments which needs paying patrons to stay open. I have a 30 min set of music we just made and would like to share it on stage. I see that original music pay is based on draw. I can obviously bypass that because I am the artist and I spent alot of my spare time making this music, and its not my job to promote my own original music, so I am seeking a live show so that everyone who likes music will want to hear it, and I will require hundreds of dollars to play my original songs no one has heard yet but my small list of friends, because I am the artist. Since this person books shows, they obviously can bring people that will instantly want to hear us because it will have the name on the flier and online.

Dear Diary. No one came, no one cares, its that damn promoters fault, he should have done more to get my obscure music heard. I know he pocketed all the money from the night, there must have been at least 30 people drinking $2 beers. Even after making it to #1 on Reverbnation charts, I still am not getting the respect I deserve.

Dear Diary. Why arent we getting asked to play on the strip or with my favorite touring bands??? All we get are shows where some fat bald asshole is getting drunk, rich and telling me what I should be doing with my time and advertising. I shouldnt have to put any money into advertising my band beyond free avenues that I update once a week or so, and I am I practicing hard with my band at least once a month. That should be more than enough. Good thing we have 5 gigs lined up this month, Im sure that we wont have issues with draw if we are playing every week. I cant wait to hit the studio so we can post a song finally. But is $90 a song worth it? Seems expensive.

Dear Diary. The promoter said we should space out our shows and promote ourselves better. Isnt that their job? I made the music, I dont have time with my regular job and girlfriend to do their job for them too. But they do book sometimes where I want to play, so Ill just say what they want to hear so he thinks we are working on it, and then go right back to talking shit about em. Fuck them, they pocket all the money from all our hard work anyways, no way they have to pay for the sound engineer, advertising, security or door person, they are full of shit.

Dear Diary. We got offered to open for THE show of the year. We are 2nd of 8 and need to sell ONLY 50 tickets. We can do that easily.

Dear Diary. Fuck that promoter! We sold 14 tickets! And he wasnt going to let us play! We brought the crowd, obviously paid his rent, but its ok, I got an email about playing for someone else, I bet they know how to promote their shows.

Dear Diary Fuck that promoter! Wouldnt let our girlfriends in for free and didnt pay us. We had at least 4 of our friends there to see us and im sure there were more for our music alone.

Dear Diary. We lost our bass player, someones pregnant I guess. He wont let us use the songs anymore since he appears on them and was the only one who got it published. So ill just keep going to my normal job and wait until we find another bass player. Good thing its bass so we dont have to cancel our gigs.

Dear Diary. I just got offered a management job at Hot Jiffy King Burger & Lube Topic . Im going to take it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand scene.

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2015 will mark 10 years of being apart of the Las Vegas local music scene. I cannot help but be reflective to all the highs and lows and everything inbetween.

As I sit down to write this, I have just updated my latest computer with all my music over the years. I have already heard the likes of One Pin Short with Shawn Garnett, Amarionette, Holding Onto Sound, and diM just to mention a few. They all have had a part in certain aspects of my experiences and show a taste of the range of genres I enjoy in my ear holes.
From managing bands and venues, promoting bands and concerts, booking bands and concerts and venue calendars, interviewing for tv pilots or internet radio, reviewing for local magazines, getting bands on the radio or on the road, Ive dabbled and worked through alot. I’d love to say ‘Through it all’ like the classic cliche goes, but every show, every band and every day, this business always seems to teach you something new or remind you harshly. It rewards you greatly, then takes it all away, sometimes in the same night.
Ive worked with so many personalities under so many circumstances that I can call some of them family. I can love, respect and hate them all the same. Some of those circumstances you never get over, and some are the butts of jokes for years to come. Regrets, woulda-couldas and wish-a-mother-fucker-woulds randomly dot the landscape, but the foundation and overall experiences have been humbling and nothing short of fan-Figgin-tastic.
One person that has been a huge part of it all and helping me get through a decade, is my sister Diane. From graphic design to street team and promotions, she is a big part of where we are at today. When we both lost our jobs in similar ways close together, we decided to take our shot at building up her graphic design company. I’d love to say we made money off shows back then through the FiggZilla shows we did, but every show that made any profit, was quickly taken away by a show that failed. Each show succeeded and failed for the various reasons and by various dollar amounts, but one things for sure, We’ve lost more in more shows than we have ever made in one. Those ones you loose your ass, it’s real. Sometimes you have hundreds of people, but you need hundreds more. Sometimes you have tens of people when you need hundreds. Sometimes you need just tens of people. Its a fucked up business.
You go through those ups and downs, sometimes very publicly. Nights you are doing well, you see musicians and other people involved in shows have life breakdowns and unfolds in front of your eyes. Sometimes it’s your turn. No matter what, you see the toll it takes on everyone, and then all the joy it brings. The sacrifice, not only on the musicians side, but their families. At times you feel like its all just a movie, its not real. Other times you use that spectacle to escape your own three ring circus. Addiction, abuse, depression and other sometimes shocking events and traits become events and experiences to never forget. Then theres nights where you are glad to be human and are positively touched in ways even a Catholic Priest couldnt reach. Every show 20+ musicians, pulling out their souls for 20-45 minute sets, escaping those demons, or embracing them. Positive or negitive, those emotions are real and raw and defining themselves for whatever the night brings out. From obnoxious teens just learning the craft, to seasoned veterans with everything inbetween. The local music scene has it all.
Having it all, means it also collides. Those teens and wiley vets all have a perception of the way it is and the way it should be and sometime its a problem, and other times its a blessing. The blessing is seeing musicians that have been through some shit, take the time to embrace the next wave of bands with support. Showing them some pointers on playing and even how the business is. That isnt that rare, but when its a culture clash and theres bickering, thats what seems to be remembers most.
Separating from the negative is the hardest part of the business, especially when you are human. We all have a way of putting things together in our minds through experiences, and when you are limited in your experience, you tend to assume, putting a greater emphasis on theory, rather than the way it usually is. Creating music is a far different process than getting it heard. I completely understand how hard it is for a band to create not only one original song, but 5-10 worthy of playing live in front of people. I understand the time each riff, lyric and intricate parts of a song need to come together, and the amount of time you need to put in, all the while dealing with work or school or children. Doing something original is always a path less chosen, but when you are on that road, take a second to see everything that went into getting though that route. Its never easy if its worth it, and it takes alot of people behind you to succeed.
Supporting people through all that, and when they get it all together, listening and learning from those along the way, is what makes everything worth it. Helping people get their musical soul heard is what its all about. Seeing most of them grow as people and artists, and achieving things with their art will never get old.
It was never my intentions to be a name to thank in the liner notes of local bands, but its the ultimate tribute when you do what I do. Here’s to everyone Ive worked with over the past ten years, and I’m excited to see where it leads me off too next!

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House of Blues Las Vegas Presents the eNVy Concert Series


Light Em Up –
Pet Tigers –
Jack & The B-Fish –
Walk Off Hits –
Leaving Springfield –

Get your FREE tickets from any of the bands on the bill or FiggZilla Music via the contact form below:

$12 day of show/doors

Show is 18 and over with valid ID with full bar for those 21+. House of Blues is located inside Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.


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HOBLV0614_621eNVy_640x360 eNVy Concert Series Presents:


Show is FREE with advance ticket from one of the bands, FiggZilla Music and pay attention to our posts to find drop spots around the city. 18+ ages with valid ID required. Enjoy $6, $7 and $8 local drink specials all night for 21+ patrons.

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Ninjapalooza LuWOW featuring Graceland Ninjaz –
With special guests

Roxy Gunn Project

Bravo Delta

The Astaires

and Under Rage

Thursday, June 26
21+ | Doors 8:30pm

The summer kick-off party of 2014, Ninjapalooza LuWOW featuring Graceland Ninjaz! All summer lovin’ ninja, Elvis & Hawaiian costumes encouraged. Visit Halloween Mart for your gear, and kick off this summer with a wow!


Get your comp tickets from one of the bands on the bill or buy yours at the HOB box office, or any ticketmaster outlet!