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The most common issue I see with local bands is understanding their expected share of the workload when it comes to draw for a show. Its not the local bands job to reach the national acts fans or the venues share, its expected they reach their own. Many are under the assumption its the promoters […]

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Is everyone in your band on the same page? by Shannon Frye – Drummer for Avenger of Blood Bands should set goals and really work hard to accomplish them, both in a short term and a long term aspect. Most importantly, in order for that to work, all the band members have to be […]

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Battle of the Fans is back, and its as loud and obnoxious as ever. I for one, love this time. It shows which pimple faced bands are ready to take a new step in the right direction, and more importantly who is reaching more than just their immediate family and friends. It also shows the […]

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This long hard road to… what? Part II: Promotion, Booking and Revenue Buckets of show promotion, oceans of band promotion. You have the music, now its time for a direction for that music. You made it, now own it. Publish your music by creating your own publishing company. Now before you get all discouraged and […]

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Many Las Vegas bands try to teach me quite regularly that there is no reason to promote themselves, no reason to play weekdays, and no reason to create nor record good music. They just get together and pleasure each other and their tone deaf significant others, as long as it doesn’t interrupt their day job. […]

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This long hard road to… what? Part I: Beginning Band Structure: The foundation of a group of people with a common goal. Creating original music and getting it heard. Make sure everyone understands the amount to sacrifice it takes to get it heard before investing your time. That’s very hard to do, as you will […]

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Then their bitch fits would be vaild. This industry is so vast, so complex. There are so many variables that effect every aspect of this business, and it changes so fast that it’s nearly impossible to thrive instantly or in most cases not at all. Being heard should be the most important thing on a […]

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I was privileged to be asked to be apart of this years LV City Life’s Local Music issue. This issue asked many great people working in our scene from bands, fans and promoters to get their take. See what made the issue HERE. As you can tell there wasnt alot of room, so here’s my […]

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Pay to play. These three words spark heated debate in many music scenes. Its all dependant on who you talk to as to what it means. I personally have seen and done so many different structured shows as a promoter, manager and fan, that that term kills me when used to describe a show to […]

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Social media websites come and go, so make sure you have a personalized web domain that you can easily jump from each social fad, taking along your fans and friends with you. Focus on getting a one stop shop website set up showcasing your merch, music catalog, booking info and show dates, then using these […]