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The Solid Suns is kicking asshole and taking names. This trio of Las Vegas has already caught the attention of fans and venues alike, playing all over town. They had taken on the Las Vegas Hard Rock Rising contest and have won, immediately giving them new avenues to be heard, and with a debut album available now titled ‘Bobby Pins And Needles’, the band is poised to take full advantage of new opportunities being thrown their way. Expect alot from them, talented and humble is the right combination.

The Solid Suns are a rock and blues band whose members come from a variety of musical backgrounds bringing a new and fresh sound with classic styling that is the soul of rock and roll. The creative writings of Jon Gamboa pay tribute to a wide variety of artists ranging from Jimmy Page to Trent Reznor and so many others.

Jon Gamboa
(Lead Vocals, Guitarist)
Jon Gamboa has been performing and recording his own music since high school. Years later, he has consistently grown and perfected his sound and style. With a phenomenal voice and control over the guitar, Jon’s every nuance captivates audiences from all walks of life.

Brian Keen
Brian Keen is the personification of the rock drummer. With talent stemming from a family tradition of professional musicians and a decade of experience, Brian brings the energy and flair of his punk scene background.

Jim Campbell
Jim Campbell, brings the funk to The Solid Suns’ unique sound. Jim is an experienced musician with heavy influences from R&B and soul. His belief is that as a band, we are always evolving, experimenting, and pushing forward.

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