With an epic intro the album kicks off into a blistering double pedal melodic progressive speed metal extravaganza with Prelude to Insanity and doesn’t really let up. Hour Glass is really the slower track, but it still builds up beautifully with pit worthy moments. The Offering is my favorite track showcasing the songwriting, vocals and maintaining brutal badassness. Bringing back the days before ADD with most songs 6+ minutes (minus Psychosis which is just sounds that should be in Resident Evil games) and with its quality production (Constantine Studios) it is worth listening to and adding to your collection of epic metal. Its an exciting, prosperous time for Metal in Las Vegas, with Sicocis apart of the lead pack of bands, surely on its way to global domination. Listen below!

1. Preminitions
2. Prelude To Insanity
3. Await Your Fate
4. Hour Glass
5. Psychosis
6. The Offering
7. Corridors Within
8. Revelations End

Ernie: Vocals & Guitar
Mike: Vocals & Bass
Ace: Drums
Rafael: Guitars

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