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Quality NEW Metal is alive and well, especially in southern Nevada, and ShrapNull is fighting its way to be mentioned among the rising stars and with good reason. Blistering death-thrash-speed-metal with potential hits of tracks Against The Tide, and Evilution, where theres some actual singing, and its not Hetfield, its really figgin good, yet still figgin METAL. Other tracks like Demon’s Breath and A Season In Hell has gutteral screams, yet i can understand the lyrics, and its weirdly comforting, I wish more would do that. I mean shit you cant read half those bands logos, might as well let us hear what the hell you are saying right? Ok back to ShrapNull, pick this up, download it, just get it if you are a fan of anything metal both thrashy and deathly.

1. Dr Mangle’s Orders
2. Demon’s Breath
3. Against The Tide
4. A Season In Hell
5. Evilution
6. Putrid Unleashing

ShrapNull is:
Eric Bossert – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Benny Banuet – Guitar/Vocals
Mikey Davis – Bass/Vocals
Dusting Reddington – Drums/Vocals

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