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A.M. Session – Conversations at Midnight 2010
1. Evidence
2. Villain
3. Katie
4. The Morning Comes
5. 16th Broken Road
6. Burning The Hours
7. Brighter Than
8. 68

Some folksy-bluesy-Country-Rockin’ upbeat mellow for you… If that makes sense. Its solid musicians making a solid, well written, and recorded well (Eggplant Studios) album. A standout track for me was Katie, allowing the band to unleash its southern rock strengths, and I even heard a frickin Sax! It flows with beautiful soul and rock through and through. So many bands I think of when I listened to this album, but yet they maintain a strong ownership of the sound. Another song, The Morning Comes has a haunting, captivating riff, complemented with classic rock piano, which is probably the best track of the album. But my favorite track was Villain. With a tang of country, and blues-rock and Johnny Lang style vocals, it just fucking rocks. If you like good blues, rock or country music, get this album. They are also a great live band, so get out and support live music… besides that Bieber fever shit!

RATING: 4 of 5

A.M. Session album cover

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