This 5 song ep is a solid introduction to the band.  Its nu-metal base is peppered with hard rock and thrash for potential mainstream appeal. Kicking it off is Faceplant, a high energy, angry, thrashy metal tune with edgy vocals. Track two, Darkest Hour, leads off with a solid bass line and marches into a pit rally cry anthem. The title track is one of the best and my personal favorite, really showing off the bands potential with solid melodic-metal writing and refined riffs. The drumming is solid throughout and showcased well in the final two tracks Forsaken and Pushover.

Track Listing

1. Faceplant

2. Darkest Hour

3. Blackout

4. Forsaken

5. Pushover

RATING: 4 or 5




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  1. I’m getting mine tonight. Need some new local music for my ears.