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AFC EAST Preview

New England Patriots: Dispite getting tossed like a salad in the season opener to the Chiefs, the team will more than likely bounce back, and only the Dolphins have a roster on paper that looks like it will give them a challenge. Losing Edelman was no doubt a tough loss that will more than likely need a trade or free agent to fill that void. Cook isnt that every down receiver, he is a big play, big yardage player. Amendola is solid but more of a number 2 and able to work when Edleman and Gronk drew the focus. Amendola maybe out for a week or so with a concussion as well so expect ol Billy boy to go the route mentioned before, and hit the market to fill. Defense couldn’t stop Hunt or Alex Smith but adjustments and harsh practices will make them forget about the loss. I really hope I am wrong and they just don’t win much this year, but even when Brady was hurt they still had double digit wins with Matt Cassell, so I dont expect them to fall, but we all have dreams.

Miami Dolphins: I had first hand views watching Adam Gase’s offenses when at Denver and it was amazing. He was getting Ryan Tannehill ready to rock when he went down for the year and he goes and gets one the most hated QB’s I have ever hated. Jay Cutler ruined the Jake Plummer run, then ruined the Josh McDaniels run before it started, then ruined Lovie Smith’s career, then Marc from Canada, then put John Fox in position to get fired as well. He isnt a good QB, unless he has three days in the backfield to make choices. He looks for the long ball and if its not there he just gets sacked. He did have one of his best seasons under Gase, who fueled his nonsense to a decent year with a bunch of shit players, but in Miami he has a Landry and Ajayi that should let him at least hold the fort and generate basic numbers that their stout defense can maintain with. I was hoping with Tannehill that they would be able to dethrone the Patriots finally but with Cutler I just see 8 wins and a bad fish taste when it’s all said and done.

Buffalo Bills: Either they have made the greatest moves as they have the youth to compensate or they just put themselves in position to get a top ten draft pick. Sammy Watkins, Gilleslee lead the departures and the new regime made some more moves, seemingly to get personnel to fit the schemes. I was really hoping Rex Ryan’s crazy ass would have made it work, but he should just be a bad ass Defensive Coordinator and make us happy. I just don’t see them getting enough wins inside or outside the division with their schedule. Maybe new head coach Sean McDermott will have something up his sleeve, but I assure you, Belichek already has a camera up there.

New York Jets: The fire sale that was the Jets leaves the team in position to fire the head coach and start again, again. The same old shit different season is getting old, and they just don’t seem to give a shit about competing. It would be a shame to let Todd Bowles go when the leadership let all their stars go. Don’t get me wrong, they have some solid young talent but with very few standout veterans left, it would be hard to develop those players into what they could be in this situation. QB’s will get them 3-4 wins this year at best.

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