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2017 NFL Season Preview

It is back and we are ready for another season of the NFL, and each team other than the Browns feel they have a shot at making something of themselves. For the first time we will be breaking down all the divisions and let you know who we think will be atop of each. We begin with the NFC East.


Dallas Cowboys: Although losing some key names on defense and a few O-Lineman, including Ronald Leary and Barry Church. But as a whole the team is still solid enough to outlast the rest of the East. I am worried about Dak, as year two can be rocky for young QB’s, just look at Robert Griffin III, Rick Mirer and Tim Couch. All showed great promise as a rookie, then was lost in mediocrity or worse for the rest of their careers. I expect Dak to continue his successes, but when the league upholds Zeke’s suspension it will be a tough ride… or will it? Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris are starters in their own right and should keep the pace for the time being. On Defense the losses on the secondary might be the silver lining, and keep the team around 10 wins this year.

New York Giants: A deep mix of veterans and youth, the Giants look as good on paper as they have in the Eli era. With two Lombardi’s earned with sketch ass teams, this one looks like they could sneak in and steal another one from Tom and the Belicheks. I love the addition of Brandon Marshall, who can guide Odell to some humility and reality, as Marshall was nearly the spitting image of Odell when he was on the Broncos, extremely talented but emotional as fuck. I expect Eli to have his best year to date, and compete with the Boys for that top spot and cement at least a wild card spot.

Philadelphia Eagles: Wentz and co are getting rolling and with the addition of Alshon Jeffery and LeGarrette Blount, they should be solid but just not enough to get over the division. I just don’t see them consistently winning enough, but they do have the foundation for when the Giants implode to compete with the Cowboys for years to come. Doug Johnson has done a fantastic job in getting the team back to the foundation that Andy Reid held for so long. Now they could come surprise us all and run away with it, but I just don’t see it all coming together, for some reason I compare this team to the “Super Team” they put together years ago, only to fall flat.

Washington Redskins: I don’t even know where to begin. This team has a better QB than most teams but end up giving him more money with the Franchise Tag then they probably could have gotten him for if they just showed him a bit of respect. I get that he is one of the few remaining from the Shanahan era but he is solid enough to put the team in position to win, but again, the Snyder effect will always plague the roster and team. He has no problem overpaying solid but not elite players like Josh Norman, and comical signings in the past like Jeff George, Albert Haynesworth, Donovan McNabb, Bruce Smith (only to chase the sack record), Antwaan Randal El and so on and so forth. But give Kirk a decent contract offer and give him the reigns? Nah, let em leave to San Fran next year and lets move on. Now I do remember that in 2015 they won the division, but lets be honest, that was a terrible year for the East.

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