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LV Sports Bang Bang!

Josh Figg

Las Vegas loves sports, granted it looks like on the surface we only like to bet on them. But for the now 2+ million and growing Valley, it’s finally time for us to get our big people britches and get on the same level as those other metropolis’. Starting with our own expansion NHL team, the Vegas Golden Knights. I have only been here for about 18 years, but I know for a damn fact we are the Silver state, and I don’t recall learning of med-evil castles around town other than the Excalibur Casino.. So we fucked that up right off the bat. But who cares? We have our own team from scratch. Another problem with Vegas is that we only like whats hot and “it”, so having a team that more than likely won’t be a contender for years will be a tough ride for the superficial fucks that grace only the mainstream ways of life here. Good news is that we will be a destination for opposing fans when their team plays here, so we should be able to maintain, at least for the short time, but that front office needs to be headed to Lord Stanley’s route faster than that blue hedgehog.

We do, and have had a professional baseball team in the 51’s, but AAA baseball is not the show, $1 beer night is the only time we seem to care. Granted when we get ol Timothy Tebow, who is currently running the ranks of the minor leagues for our New York Mets, who we are the farm club for, we should sell the heck outta some jersey’s and seats. Logistically, we would need to renovate, expand or build an entirely new ball park if we would want to content for a MLB team. Las Vegas Stadium might change just change that but that is just breaking ground.

For decades we have had semi-pro basketball and football teams that last a few years and either the team relocates or the leagues fold. Our Runnin’ Rebels more than make up for the slack, but this is a great town for basketball, and with the T-Mobile Arena in place and already home to our Golden Knights, we are now a new prime candidate for a NBA franchise. From what I have learned, we are more than likely to obtain a team like the Bucks or Timberwolves than land an expansion team. Hopefully we can handle our shit better than we did when we had the All-Star game years ago.

Now on the the football side of things. As a lifelong Bronco fan, I was cringing at the news that we were potentially getting a team, either the Chargers or the Raiders… I hate them both, but despise the Raiders with such a passion, a respectful yet seething one. I was raised on great battles between my Broncos and the fucking Raiders, then after they botched that Super Bowl, they were pretty much shit for a solid decade. Which was awesome, but what makes football great is the division rivals and strong competition, and seeing San Diego and Kansas City made some runs during that time but never reached that pinnacle that the Raiders and Broncos have been known for made it kind of boring. But over the last few years, the team has not only built a contender, but have both sides of the ball rolling toward a Lombardi. Baiting Oakland native Marshawn Lynch from retirement to play out the remaining years in Oakland before the Vegas move, will put them in prime position to win and win now. So not only are we getting an NFL team, but might just be inheriting a Super Bowl Winning team. That’s disgusting as fuck to type and re-read just now.. Holy shit. So if the Raiders can get out the heavily competitive AFC west with a Championship, they might have what it takes to dethrone the Patriots and Broncos as the AFC representative in the Super Bowl come February. Gross.

So the stage is set and all eyes are on Vegas as we try and shed the gambling moniker and join the ranks of elite cities who suck ass in education and infrastructure, but kick ass because we have professional sports teams and stadium debt!

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