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This NFL offseason, the Las Vegas valley was whipped into a frenzy as three teams looked at the city as potential relocation sites. The San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders were and some still are, looking to get a new state of the art stadium to compete with the rest of the league’s Jones’ playgrounds. Ultimately and obviously only the Rams were able to secure a new site, and both the Chargers and Raiders retreated to their reluctant lands, scheming and plotting their next move. Well the Raiders owner, Mark Davis, came in with the aide of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, and began serious planning and fund raising efforts in Vegas. Rallies and press conferences gathered up all the Raider fans, and football fans alike, engaged with the possibility of of our very own NFL team. As a lifelong Bronco fan, its gross, but the city itself is ready for major sports franchises, evident with the NHL granting expansion to the city this year as well.

Unlike most other US cities, Las Vegas has the luxury of a billion dollar tourist industry and can funnel most of the requested costs of the estimated $750 billion dollars needed to build it. A rise in resort fees is the burden we are passing on to that tourist industry, and the plan is supposedly limiting the need of taxpayers fundage. Remember it is a loan, and again with our tourist industry we will not be in debt like the Seattle’s and the St. Louis’ alike. This will not help our last ranked education system, or crime rates or anything like that, but hey, Las Vegas might be getting a Football team!!

The bill was signed into law by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, but I am not exactly sure where it goes from here locally. Not to mention the NFL has to have a majority of the owners approve the move to the city, which the vote will not happen until next year’s offseason. So we may have a $750 billion dollar football stadium and no foosball team to play behind momma’s back!


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