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     So many of us have endured the roller coaster that is The Walking Dead on AMC since the beginning. With is 7th season premiere looming, we are all still in a tail spin since the season 6 finale. With so many tragic and emotional deaths already under its belt, this new season begins with a (possibly TWO! gasp!) death(s!!) of a beloved character (unless it’s Eugene, we will be able to carry on, I’m sure of it). The intensity of that finale, leaving all of us guessing and theorizing for months, is at our doorstep, and the teasers and driving us even more batty.

      The names I have seen thrown out the most in these theories has been Glenn (thanks to the comics), Abraham, Darryl and Maggie. Of course all have been mentioned in one post or another… Except Rick of course, the unkillable sum’bitch! With the latest trailer showing either a ring or a watch, all is focused on Glenn, and if they follow that epic comic story line, he will be a Gallagher prop, come Sunday eve. We all know that they are loosely following that series, but usually just shifting characters. In the end, all usually end up Walker food shortly after or before. I myself am only on issue 92 as I write this, so I am excited to see what is coming next for the B&W series.

Here is some of those samsie samsie differences.

The show is on top of the ratings charts, and its rise has mirrored that of Breaking Bad‘s final two seasons as far as Nation-wide captivation. Can the show carry on this pace for another 7 seasons? Probably not, but the writing has been incredible for the subject matter. No other Zombie canon has made me feel anything other that enjoyment from the needless and fake gore. I am not saying the gore is believable (the sausage intestines a ‘dead’ giveaway), but the character development through hell on earth and how one reacts under insane circumstances is to be commended. Robert Kirkman laid the foundation for such a violent, cruel, emotionally bleak, yet hopeful and somewhat blind optimism keeps the ‘herd’ moving forward, through seemingly anything…. Until now?


Season 7 of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday on AMC




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