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In the Valley of Sin, non-casino live music has always been fighting an uphill battle. The laws make it nearly impossible to open an all ages facility and the competition from the entertainment mecca known as the Las Vegas strip is always making it rough for 21+ venues to have consistant business. Now recent noise complaints are wreaking havok on several Valley businesses.

With Fremont East relaunching just a few short years ago, the small entertainment district just on the other side of the Fremont St Experience has been booming. New businesses like Insert Coin(s) and existing ones like the Beauty Bar are now apart of a growing non-casino late night destinations for bar hoppers and live music lovers. The Beauty Bar hosts outdoor music in their back alley patio many nights of the week, and have done so for years. With the recent downtown boom, came alot of condos, new residents and now noise complaints.

Now when you move to a world famous entertainment city and specifically downtown, wouldn’t it be obvious from all the permanant stages along the Fremont St Experience and the tens of thousands of loud, obnoxious tourists, that you should expect a little bit of noise… Not these assholes, no, they wanted the Las Vegas downtown experience, but apperantly on mute. People in seemingly non-insulated extended stay shit bag motels are complaining the most, like the $22 a night spent there really makes Las Vegas churn..

My big concern is that big decisions are being made over the complaints from people who probably sit by the window with a notepad judging everyone from dog to street walkers, in older model houses or extended stay motels full of cats or heroin. Or even the people who lives in a downtown condo high rise, owned by a casino that smells like depends and lavender, rattles more from live music than their sex life. Ya know if its really that bad every night, why are they staying there? If they dont support live music or local businesses, why arent they living or staying in Searchlight? Its quiet and cheap.

Another Valley downtown has been slowly reviving as well, with Henderson’s Water St District. From the Events Plaza to the extended stay correctional facities, alot of the historic area got a facelift. JJ’s is rumored to be bought out soon and turned into a concert venue, and old man river Gold Mine Tavern made new upgrades including an open air patio with live music on the weekends, and the Sewing shop can make you a purse that looks like a yarn vagina. The area that many lost all home entertainment with the digital tv switch, isnt just old people in diapers, it houses alot of people with functional bowels who want to see live music in their hood. Theres nothing out there. Just a casino and meth. But it seems like its only a matter of time before GMT falls victim to the same people who complain about the street development construction they previously demanded because the work is loud.

My point to all this ranting and raving? Fuck I forgot… Maybe something reguarding stupid ass people. Probably about myself….

Oh yeah, if you support live music and local venues write your Nevada law makers. Tell them about the money you and your drunk friends spend at shows on booze and entry fees and how you love non casino driven entertainment just as much! If you are an all ager, explain that these venues keep you from attending drug & alcohol filled house parties and having premarital sex, they would eat that shit up! If you are a parent, let them know you want to drop your kids off at a venue away from the strip’s porn flier slappers, homeless people in superhero costumes and windowless vans. Lets flood the city halls of Las Vegas and Henderson with support, so that these few complainers will have no choice but to lighten up and finally get the lump of coal out from their uptight assholes that turned into a diamond. But probably not in my words. Stay classy Las Vegas and Henderson.

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