Spanish Gamble – Its All Coming Down
Paper & Plastic Records

The Punk Rock band from Florida recently shined at the May 2011 Punk Rock Bowling Fest in Downtown Las Vegas and I was lucky enough to score a copy while working the door at their show at the Bunkhouse. The band has a very lively singer, enthusiastic throughout, kind of a raw happy anger style, and the guy’s really into it. High energy quality punk rock throughout, strong catchy hooks and great sing-alongs like Its All Coming Down and There is No God Tonight. This album is great, and even better live. Highly suggested.
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Paper & Plastic Records Store – CD
RATING: 4 of 5

  1. Wait, what?

    2 days ago I was given a CD in a paper sleeve. The artwork was interesting and it has 12 tracks listed. The CD starts off with the the song “there is no god tonight” which immediately got me into them. Sweetly distorted guitars playing all sorts of melodies backing up Colin Shanes raw vocals.

    It’s put together awesomely. Most songs make me want to throw my fist in the air and others just make me want to dance. It all comes together nicely. By the time you make it to the 12th song, you’re ready to hear them all again. This album truly hasn’t left my cd player yet and i doubt it will soon.

  2. your mom says:

    A great sound!!! The music is perfect! The Vocals on the other hand… needs to be a little smoother. Sounds like he smokes to many ciggs :/ Fag it up a little bro! Your band can make it!