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Cirka:Sik – Metal/Hard Rock

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Cirka:sik has traveled a long hard road to get where they are today. It all started in 2000 when Omniom (Bass) and Hideous (Drums) started playing together. At the time, Omniom was actually the vocalist of a completely different band. The other band not having a drummer, needed one. Hideous tried out and immediately filled the spot. Within two weeks Hideous and Omniom left the other band and began their musical madness. In time, Omniom drifted away from the vocals and went in the direction he started in, playing bass. Being in many other projects and bands through the years, alone and as a rhythm section, they started Cirka:sik in the summer of 2006. For some time the pair went through various guitarist and vocalists. All who either flaked, or did not make the cut. That all came to a sudden end in March of 2009 when a vocalist, KFW, from Tacoma, WA came to try out for Cirka Sik. Since that first practice together these musicians have been creating a new sound to the metal world as one, The current guitarist, J-Syn, stepped in late may 2011 to seal the deal on this unique sound. From there, Cirka:sik got back the momentum once started by only two villains reconstructed today as an immovable force that hasn’t stopped yet. When you see Cirka:sik live, there is no relevance in existence. The stage presence and energy is un-matched. Doing near flawless songs on stage along with the feel for their love of music and what they do is equal to any professional band fans have seen. Seems the long road this journey began on is long from its conclusion. Come out and support the Villains!

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