A Chat With The Man In The Mirror

Posted: 9th January 2015 by FiggZilla in General, Rants
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      A strange thing happens when you do something for a long time. You step back, analyze where you are at, where you should be and why aren’t you fucking there yet? Everyone experiences different levels of success and interperets them as they seem fit. Usually to adjust to their ego or insecurities or to revel in contentment. We are all dissillusioned to a certain level and all have ideals and passions and dreams. Some use thier hobbies to excape their real life and others feel that their hobbies outweigh your career. Its a delicate thing for a professional to cross streams with a hobbiest, and the same for a dreamer to face a realist. Sometimes a hobby becomes a potential career and you have no clue it happened or how to maintain it. You put all your spare time into creating something or building something and when you step back and realize what happened and where you are at, its humbling, frightning and exciting all at once. You learn more from the failures and wish the successes never end, but always move forward. Never be a hobbiest to forget your career, have a career that makes you forget it is one.
One thing that comes with any career is baggage. Unclaimed and unwanted baggage that weights heavily on your progression. Shitty co-workers/peers, bad planning or lackluster efforts are all baggage that comes with any territory but how you let it effect you, can make all the difference in the world. Focusing on things you cannot control or improve or change will drive any person mad. Those little things can make you miss the bigger picture, and forget what drives you. Frustrations and road blocks happen in life, but overcoming them makes you stronger and allows you to achieve what ever the fuck you are looking for. You do know what you are looking for right?
Its easier to forget your goals when life happens, and it happens to the best of us. The tedious needs of a job you hate or a child and significant other you love can take anyone away from their true goals and dreams. Putting them on the backburner or into the kiln to harden into a reminder of what could have been, sometimes taking you away from what is and what it can be in just a matter of time. The illusion of time that mankind created has also created the overbearing need to disreguard it at earliest convienience. The old “I just dont have the time”, is utter horseshit. People waste more time that they will ever actually use correctly, then blame actual importing things as the reasons they arent accomplishing more of their life’s goals. The same can go for the amount of money you have or dont have. People love to spend money on entertainment, and who doest love a great movie, album or video game? Those dissapear when looking for accountability as to where your savings and pocket money went, and again, where all the time went. Its not that you should erase all those things completely, its that you should just be honest about it. Be honest with yourself on the reasons you arent reaching for the stars and if it bothers you that you arent accomplishing them, then do something about it.
The same goes for wanting more for other people than they are willing to work for or are ready for. Hell, most of the time you put more into the fantasy of what they can accomplish than the reality of what they are even capible of. Putting unrealisting pressure on another person is just as detremental as doing it to yourself. Its a hell of a burden to be the face of someone elses failure, due to your meddling. Butt the fuck out and worry about yourself. Of course, offer advise from your relevant perspective, but try not to expect them to take it.
So go on, and chase your dreams, acheive your goals, and leave the contentment for the rest of the world.

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