Dear Diary

Posted: 25th November 2014 by FiggZilla in General, Rants
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Dear Diary, I decided to make music on my own time and dime and pace with some like-minded people. I feel this pace is ready to play in live music establishments which needs paying patrons to stay open. I have a 30 min set of music we just made and would like to share it on stage. I see that original music pay is based on draw. I can obviously bypass that because I am the artist and I spent alot of my spare time making this music, and its not my job to promote my own original music, so I am seeking a live show so that everyone who likes music will want to hear it, and I will require hundreds of dollars to play my original songs no one has heard yet but my small list of friends, because I am the artist. Since this person books shows, they obviously can bring people that will instantly want to hear us because it will have the name on the flier and online.

Dear Diary. No one came, no one cares, its that damn promoters fault, he should have done more to get my obscure music heard. I know he pocketed all the money from the night, there must have been at least 30 people drinking $2 beers. Even after making it to #1 on Reverbnation charts, I still am not getting the respect I deserve.

Dear Diary. Why arent we getting asked to play on the strip or with my favorite touring bands??? All we get are shows where some fat bald asshole is getting drunk, rich and telling me what I should be doing with my time and advertising. I shouldnt have to put any money into advertising my band beyond free avenues that I update once a week or so, and I am I practicing hard with my band at least once a month. That should be more than enough. Good thing we have 5 gigs lined up this month, Im sure that we wont have issues with draw if we are playing every week. I cant wait to hit the studio so we can post a song finally. But is $90 a song worth it? Seems expensive.

Dear Diary. The promoter said we should space out our shows and promote ourselves better. Isnt that their job? I made the music, I dont have time with my regular job and girlfriend to do their job for them too. But they do book sometimes where I want to play, so Ill just say what they want to hear so he thinks we are working on it, and then go right back to talking shit about em. Fuck them, they pocket all the money from all our hard work anyways, no way they have to pay for the sound engineer, advertising, security or door person, they are full of shit.

Dear Diary. We got offered to open for THE show of the year. We are 2nd of 8 and need to sell ONLY 50 tickets. We can do that easily.

Dear Diary. Fuck that promoter! We sold 14 tickets! And he wasnt going to let us play! We brought the crowd, obviously paid his rent, but its ok, I got an email about playing for someone else, I bet they know how to promote their shows.

Dear Diary Fuck that promoter! Wouldnt let our girlfriends in for free and didnt pay us. We had at least 4 of our friends there to see us and im sure there were more for our music alone.

Dear Diary. We lost our bass player, someones pregnant I guess. He wont let us use the songs anymore since he appears on them and was the only one who got it published. So ill just keep going to my normal job and wait until we find another bass player. Good thing its bass so we dont have to cancel our gigs.

Dear Diary. I just got offered a management job at Hot Jiffy King Burger & Lube Topic . Im going to take it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand scene.

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