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Napoleon just wants to be a big boy.

Do me a favor and pick one of your favorite bands that is still around. Look at their website and social media pages. Do you see their upcoming concerts listed? Do you see them actively pushing their latest music release or concert tour? More than likely. You will see a lot from the bands you know, mostly because they have a team behind them from graphic designers to PR firms to make sure their band is reaching their intended markets and their album and concert tours are a success. If they were played on the radio, you will see their songs start to play more as the concert date in that market gets closer. That is from a label or PR team. Hell even the DIY revolution, those bands are actually doing it all themselves from tour booking to promotion, but the thing is they are, is active and actually doing work. They don’t go to a town like Las Vegas and get a promoter to sign a contract to have them perform in town, then just stop pushing their band. ‘Oh its the promoters job to promote’ never comes out of their mouths. They know. as all people with their heads out of their assholes do, that they still need to make sure their unique network of fans and friends and family are reached to support their endeavors.  Large touring bands don’t like to play to empty rooms, and they do their part to ensure that doesn’t happen and work with the promoter to ensure a good turnout. But why the hell is so many Las Vegas local bands different? Why are they owed a crowd without efforts or a team behind them and getting known outside of the local scene? Why would a radio ad with a local bands name or a flier on the streets have any relevance to most people? Well its because that band actively promotes themselves and does their part to be heard on all levels, which is all too rare in Vegas. Bands have different fans, some just want to stream your music, some want to buy your music and some will do that and then come out to a live show, but at the local level, most are just there to support you directly, the friend, the family member or the co-worker. You have to cater to every type of fan and every way they like to listen to music, to get actual fans and then constantly grow that foundation, but that base from all bands is started with friends, family and co-workers. The more you are getting your music heard in the markets you are touring, or just locally the more relevance a bands efforts become. But here in Vegas, the mentality is that because they are the band and I am the promoter, its my job to reach their fans. Fuck you. Seriously. Who the fuck are you to arrogantly create music yourself on your own free time with your own terms, and expect me or any promoter or venue to bring people specifically to hear your hobby? I call it a hobby because there really isn’t a band in town that does original music for a living. Its all pushed around your real career’s time schedule, or your family life. And while that’s all well and good, that doesn’t translate into bodies into a venue, or should it reflect the fact that no one cares unless you make them by getting people to actually hear you in other medians. Live, local music takes each local band on the bill and the venue to push the show and reach out to the people only they can reach directly through the networking and experiences of past shows and releases. Guess what, its the same formula for national, known acts concerts as well, its all a team effort. I don’t have the phone number for that chick you fucked since way back when you worked at Subway, to make sure she comes out. I don’t have your senior class mates on my social media networks or have them over to my house randomly, but YOU DO. And as an original band its YOUR job to make your band relevant, a concert promoter pushes relevance, they do not establish bands, they only help by exposing you to their network, the other bands on the bills’ network and gives you the chance to engage new potential fans. But you sorry fucks that think that just because you spent some time creating your own music on your own free time and then playing when your shitty ass job allows you to, somehow entitles you to a crowd of people that want to see your sad shit, I’m sorry, the only people that truly care about most local music is the friends, family and co-workers of the band members themselves and of course the other bands of the scene. What you can expect from a promoter and venue is that they are using their network and marketing plans to promote their shows, venue and bands playing, but in no way does that make an unknown local band somehow a ‘must see’ event. You have to make that happen with your music, and hell half of the city doesn’t even have listenable music up so that I, the promoter, could actually have relevance in promotion. Stop thinking that you are in the same boat as the bands who pay people to do the work that you are expecting a local concert promoter to do. Concert attendance is the culmination of the efforts of all the bands involved and their day to day promotion and networking to establish themselves and have already heard your recorded music through, that’s right, promotion. And promotion for original bands NEVER ends. So until you pay someone to promote and establish your band outside of the local scene, you will just have to do your part, and that’s all that’s expected is your part… Guess for some that’s just too much to ask of your passion hobby project, isn’t it? I mean, you already created the music, now you have to get it heard too? ‘That’s not my job’



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