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Dirty, sludge ridden blues metal. Finer elements fused together from a culture driven region exposed to some of the best raw music in the world. It’s NOLA metal and it has spawned some of the best underground, unique bands including Down, Crowbar and of course EYEHATEGOD. Its a family of musicians not by blood but by pure respect and passion. The results vary from band to band, and many of the musicians are apart of several different bands from and in the area.

EYEHATEGOD formed in the late 1980’s in the rising NOLA metal scene, by Jimmy Bower and Joey LaCaze. They built with Brian Patton, Mike Williams and what became a new bass player every 4 years or so. They took their time, spending a few years getting their demos and kinks out, gaining a deal with a small French label. Only a few thousand copies were printed before it went under, but thank the Lloyd Century Media got in the mix.

After establishing the band enough to tour constantly with White Zombie, Corrosion of Conformity and others, the band members broke off to create and record with other bands. Conflicts Jimmy Bower was the drummer on Crowbar albums and Down’s Debut NOLA. Brian Patton took the time to record Soilent Green‘s first album. Marco Barbieri, formerly with Century Media recalls, “At this time, Eyehategod are already not the most educated band or in the most stable of mindsets. Coming from New Orleans they were a pioneer of that scene but did not have the connections and resources of bands from Los Angeles or New York, so this music business b.s. was not something they were able to understand or tolerate and not having any professional advisors in place or to deal with the politics of the situation it was an ugly era to walk into. ” Because of this and the band members constant creative activity, they were only able to get a few demos out and splits with various labels until sitting down to give it another go as EHG and record Dopesick.

“Thankfully, the group was convinced to give it another go and recorded the Dopesick album 3 years after their previous outing. That album is considered by many to be a landmark release. But before it was released and cherished more incidents happened. The band was so out of sorts personally, as was producer Billy Anderson, that the cocktail for destruction was ripe. This led to calls from the studio to the label about their rampant behavior, including the infamous story of singer Mike Williams breaking a bottle on the studio floor slashing his hands and arms and bleeding all over the studio.” Recalls Marco.

That album sent them on the road in 1997, again with the now infamous White Zombie and Pantera, gaining worldwide attention for the NOLA metal scene and sludge as a force in music. Then drama for your momma says Marco, “We were all so stoked but the band preferred to alienate as much of the mainstream audience by insulting the crowds with hateful words and an abundance of feedback. This tour also included EHG getting Phil Anselmo so wasted he OD’d leading to the end of the dates.”

The band had some struggles internally to go along with the shanannaghans so the members focused on their other notable side-projects. In 2k they gathered to get out a collection of singles and their 7″ and split records on one album called Southern Discomfort. When they did, it led them to create a new full length album, and the final fulfillment of their label deal. This time more mature musicially and mentally, the band created one of their more polished albums, Confederacy of Ruined Lives. With an album title like that you better figgin bring it! The band was able to get world wide with their touring and hit Europe and Japan and have some successes. But at the time it wasn’t enough. “Despite all our efforts EHG still held a grudge and wanted off the company refusing to record for the label and fighting ensued for several years more ultimately with the band and company agreeing to record a final effort 4 years later before being set free. To this day EHG are a forerunner and influence.”

All the while, the band members recorded and supported those other projects like Soilent Green, Down and new project from Jimmy Bower The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight and Mike Williams busting out Outlaw Order and Arson Anthem bands.

Although 2000 was the last time we got an album from them, they have teased us with a few singles like 2012’s New Orleans is the new Vietnam, and tour randomly, playing festivals and concerts like January 10th at Cheyenne Saloon in Vegas. It will be the first time playing Vegas since the Huntridge days, so make sure you get your tickets now!

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