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RANT: Remember your fans on your way to your heaven.

I have met alot of musicians. From known to oblivious and every kind in between. I remember how music made me feel. The rawness, the emotions, the choose-your-own-adventure kind of exploration into something relative to your own angst. Many of your favorite tunes came from your youth. Your teens, your early introduction to the adult world, that musical display of all you feel that you cannot explain. Well when you are an actual adult and can explain your feelings and angst and actually be proactive about it, you begin to realize things. Slowly but ever so surely you find that all those things that shaped you, in your own manifestations of memories, are unraveling. Sure you cling as long as you need to, to get you through the trials and tribulations of maturity, but how long do you cling to childhood ways? Late 20’s I would say, then whatever god you belive in starts fucking with your ideals and forces you into reality. THE reality that you are living with today. Those in your parents house or living off of a college bound paved road need not apply as most of the world doesnt have the luxury of seemingly shipping off from validictorian of high school to the college of your choice. This world needs music, but do we need your arrogance overshadowing the art you created? Do we need you, the musician, and your selfish agenda feeding our children and rehashing old memories forever? No not really. But in a way those songs that defined our youth will forever define us, and will forever guide us, protect us and push us into the ever expanding volumes of life and we DO need it.

With that being said. FUCK YOU. How dare you use that vulnerability to fuel your own arrogance from city to city, clinging onto the fire and passion you once had. FUCK YOU for manipulating me into another session of crap you force out to keep obligations happy instead of your soul. And most of all FUCK YOU for expecting some outsider to connect with those souls your met along your journey. If you expect some promoter or entity to gather the people you connected PERSONALLY or DIRECTLY with along your journey of musical experimentation, you are missing half the glory of your journey. It should be about those moments in citys or past experiences of your own soul connecting with those on the same page and fueled your passion that allowed you to grow as a person, a musician and whatever the fuck else you are trying to be as an artist.

Being on both sides of the fence makes me realize I have always been better off balancing on the the divider, appreciating each side of creation and expression, and challenging those arrogant fucks to realize the nuances of how their music effects boths spectrums.

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