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Save the clocktower.. I mean Huntridge!

With all the money being tossed around, its finally being thrown at the iconic Huntridge Theater. The place where fans and musicians called their live music home has been a shell of a memory for years now. Countless efforts have come and gone to remodel and rebuild it and have all fallen through. People blamed the owners, the owners blamed the city, meanwhile live music on the strip grew with the opening of the Pearl, new Joint, and Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip. Las Vegas expanded, imploded, and is expanding again with well over 1 million people living in the valley. Times change, the trends change and most of the music and people who made those memories happen are all moved on.

Now I am all for reliving the past when it was so great, but it will be hard for the Huntridge to compete with casino dollars for concerts and attendance. But what it will have is location and un-dying support from the faithful, so there’s hope, always hope. It’s just blocks from the arts district and First Friday, and known by everyone over 25, the Huntridge will always have that presence in this city, so the locals will flock. At least while its still shiny upon reopening. But what made the Huntridge great where the concerts. the bands not quite headlining yet but all known by the teenagers through radio and word of mouth, before social media. Well all those teenagers are now 30+, have families and careers, so this fantasy of it opening and it being the way it was is just fallacy. It can draw the new wave of kids though, but do they like the same music that the people who are fighting to reopen it like? Quite the generation gap to go from Sublime, Beastie Boys to Falling In Reverse and A Day To Remember. Individual concerts is what make every venue worth going to. Whats the plan for the actual property will it for sure become a live music and arts venue? Will it become some retail outlet like it could have been just a few years back? Who knows. But one things for sure, if we support it, at least we have that chance to get it back to the way it was. And I for one wouldn’t mind that one bit.

So lets give it that chance and support the indiegogo campaign to see what happens.

visit for more info on how you can help!

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