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Welcome back to another edition of 10Q. This go around we take some time with Las Vegas local hard and crab core promoter and musician Sam Favata. Love him or hate him, the kid has a love for music and has had no problem telling you his opinion or how to spell it.


For those who do not know you, who are you and what do you do in the music industry?

-My name is Samuel Favata, and I ruin everything. Just kidding, I help promote and support metal and core music, as well as occasionally book said bands of that realm. I’ve actually cut down on booking due to multiple issues from the people in the scene, so I’m doing them a favor. It’s actually looking to be for the better for both ends of the spectrum.

What got you into supporting live music?

-Just the experience, how everyone is like one big dysfunctional family for one night, and in certain cases multiple nights when you make new friends after each show. It’s the people that make the scene, and without the people there is no scene.

Where do you book your shows, and why?

-When I first got into booking, I was booking for The Sanctuary and occasionally The Box Office and Yayo Taco. Nowadays I’m doing house events because it’s affordable and everyone has a good time. I like it when people have a good time.

Have you ever had to cancel an event? If so, explain:

-I’m pretty sure everyone knows this answer already. But I will answer this myself. Yes I have had to cancel a couple shows, just like every other promoter in town. Big one being The Contortionist on the day of the show. There were a ton of events going down that eventually ended up getting The Sanctuary (most recent location) getting shut down. I’m not going to get into details with this since at this point either no one cares or it’s no one’s business to care. Ultimately this made me burn a lot of bridges, and if you’re one of those people who are reading this you know who you are. Frankly you have every right to be angry with me if you are, but nothing is entirely my fault. I do put on this persona a lot that showcases how much of a complete idiot I am, but a lot of people end up doing the exact same thing.

What is your perception of the Las Vegas local scene?

-It has its good and bad points like every other music scene in the country. Lately it’s been more bad than good for all ages, but 21+ still goes strong. With the exception of Wet n Wild, there’s really nothing for anyone under the age of 21 to do. It’s all overrun by gaming corporations and you can’t go most places unless you’re at least 18. And even then, it’s a challenge in itself. Without a safe all ages environment for kids, there’s no scene. Just simply bands coming and going. But on the bright side, bands still come here and that’s what counts.

You are known for being quite opinionative, what compells Sam Favata to spread it like wildfire?

-Before I answer this, it’s “opinionated” not “opinionative”. That’s not even a word lol. Already this is backfiring. But yeah, like everyone else we all have opinions. Mine just happen to cause more of a stir mainly because a lot of what I say is not totally opinion. It’s based on real experiences I have been through. Not everyone has to believe me. It all comes down to what the person wants to believe of the other person. I try to cut down on stuff like this, but people have given me this reputation that I am forced to defend myself in certain situations. It sucks but it’s reality. The reality is a LOT of people hate me. But I also dislike a lot of people myself for different reasons. Were all human, were all bound to not like at least one person in our lifetime.

Who are some of your favorite Las Vegas local bands, past and present?

-I am completely biased so me answering this question is going to piss off a lot of people because of where I stood in this music scene, also being that I work seasonal for Clark County Parks and Recreation under the Special Events department. Working Extreme Thing the last couple years opened my eyes and ears a little bit and I truly understand what the business is geared toward and why it’s geared the way it is. I hate being the one to say this but ultimately what happens with Extreme Thing is up to the person running the event. It’s ok for the people to speak out on having this band or that band perform, but it’s not ok to bash on the people running the event because a certain band is performing. If you don’t want to spend $20 because of one band, that’s your prerogative. But all I see is about 15000-20000 coming because of the bands they want to see, not because of the bands they don’t want to see. One person will not change the minds of the people helping GIVE YOU a music scene. It will end up having the blame be PUT ON YOU if Extreme Thing decides to call it a day because you decided it’s not “extreme enough”. If you knew what the roots of this festival were, you would just sit there and be embarrassed knowing that you looked like a fool this whole time.

Where do you see yourself in this industry over the next 5 years, what are Sam’s goals?

-I see myself performing in a band (and yes I have said this a lot but this time I’m not joking), touring the world, being an influence to people, and helping others be of that same influence.

What inspires you as a musician?

-Nothing inspires me as a musician. How I see it is that if I like something, I want to go for it. And if it inspires me to be like that, then I will go for it. I am not inspired by anything as a musician. I just do me.

I could only come up with 9 real questions, would you like to cancel? I kid, What are your current projects and what should we look forward to from Sam Favata?

-Sure why not? Give me some gummy bears and we’ll come to an agreement. I’m currently in the process of writing/recording a music “project” (not a band) with a couple close friends of mine. It’s going to sound genuine and real and it’s a concept EP based on my real life experiences within the last couple years. It’s all revolving on one subject. I’ll get into that some other time. Also I will be moving back to my hometown by the end of the year and starting my musical journey there, and also because of issues with other people as well as personal issues that I need to fix. You can look forward to this project in about a few months, were gonna get this thing completed before making a Facebook account to help promote the project.


Thanks again to Sam Favata for taking the time for us. We wish him well on his future endeavors.





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