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Facebook is not fucking anyone by offering promoted posts. Bitch please, you aren’t the only page they like or band they follow. Look at the average music fan, hell, a Facebook user in general, they like 10’s, 100’s or 1000’s or even more band pages alone. Dont forget all those hilarious and oh so useful pages they like featuring cats, memes, food and sports. So there are thousands upon thousands of pages an average person likes. Go ahead and throw in the same amount of people in your friends list. So you are expecting… At what ever time you log in… To see every post, every status update, every picture, every meme, every link, every share, every… fucking…. thing….. How? Why? How would someone get every single one of those posts overall on the billions of user filled website without it bogging down and in the short feed your attention span allows to view? So what happens is they set it to focus on more of who and what you are interacting with so the site runs smoother and you are able to interact with shit you are more than likely going to interact with. And if you want to ensure you are reaching who you think needs that extra bit to, again, ensure the target audience reads your shit, pay a few dollars to do it. Its called advertising your band, and ensuring your nonsense reaches maximum amount of eyes and ears. Dont want to pay to ensure your shit is read through all those worthless other ‘Like’ pages that average person liked and is friends with, then don’t, and shut up. Learn how to use what you have been allowed to use for FREE and expand to other websites. Facebook doesnt owe you shit, use it how you want, but quit bitching about being ripped off and promote your music, and yes some of it costs actual money.

Same goes for those who have to report those sending event invites… Like me! 😉

Just turn off notifications and you can even block invites overall or from each individual person. Or hell, why don’t you just un-friend the person? If you don’t have their number or email, or if hearing about what that person is doing makes you violently troll, you are probably not really actual friends anyways… right?

No stop bitching about things you do not understand and promote your music, your life and get the fuck off Facebook once in awhile… Thats what hootsuite is for!

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