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Submitted by KDUB of Cirka:Sik

On April 19, 2013 there will be a rumble in the heart of downtown Tacoma, Washington.

A rumble that is hoped to be heard over the entire cityscape. Back in the 90s Tac town was known for its gritty grunge and metal scene, it was “the cool thing to do” in it’s early days. Unfortunately, through times and changes, the bar scene has completely turned around in this rainy city.

Somewhere along the way people began to lose interest in live music, and as a result, a skeleton of what used to be a booming industry remains. As the dance club scene became more popular, patrons found themselves paying a cover for nothing but a “DJ” that simply plays his playlist on ITunes and an overpriced bar menu. Funny that a cover started as a way to pay the bands for their effort and promotion, now all of a sudden any high class hole in the wall is able to fill the bucket with fives for profitable reasons. WE can change this. Promotion is key here more than ever in this type of city; With an abundance of art,even if Led Zeppelin were playing Tacoma no one would ever know if they weren’t told! A solid point being that the word is being spread by no other than the musicians themselves and the best part: They assume full responsibility for doing so. This show is much more than an awesome showcase of local rock bands, it’s going to be proof that through good promotion and fan participation, we can bring back a scene that once saw some of the very best rock bands.

TACOMA! Where the fuck is your music scene? at the The Loch’s featuring:

Where the Dead Are– a four man death metal / grindcore band that rose from the ashes of former projects in the Tacoma metal scene in 2010.

The Loose Bouys-two piece blues rock band out of Tacoma and Seattle Washington. blues, punk, country and old school rock and roll influenced.

Gertie’s Plunge-Four man fusion of hard rock and blues out of Tacoma,WA

Cirka:Sik– Villainous metal from Las Vegas, touring the northwest this April. Also playing Studio 7 (SEATTLE)on 4/18/13 (if you’re a little further north)

Presented by 253 Heart and The Hemp Fairy

When:April 19,2013
Where: The Loch’s 928 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA, 98402, US
Cover:$5 21+

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