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The most common issue I see with local bands is understanding their expected share of the workload when it comes to draw for a show. Its not the local bands job to reach the national acts fans or the venues share, its expected they reach their own. Many are under the assumption its the promoters job to bring everyone. While overall this is true, how the promoter gets people in the door is through each bands network of fans, friends and family, the venues network of patrons and of course their own network and advertising. Unless the local band hands over each members phone contacts, emailing lists, social networking friends to the promoter, its damn-near impossible to directly reach those specific people the bands worked so hard to connect with personally through their unique experiences. The only thing EVERY promoter/venue expects from a local band is for them to reach that unique network of people, so they can combine that with the other local bands network, as well as the venues network of people. Fuse that with a true national act who has a real established fan base that can be reached with general promotions, you have yourself a great turnout. Sure some put a number, a goal, an expectation or even a minimum on your band, as there are usually multiple bands wanting to play, and this ensures their time on the stage is covered with the bands draw, and the band is adding more to the show than just a 20-30 minute set. Then if the band is smart, they work hard at the show itself to capture the other bands fans, and the venues patrons by gathering email addresses, phone numbers, getting demos or albums in their hands and ensuring they are connected on social media for future shows, releases and other band news.

Now payout, and how the show is structured is a whole other issue entirely. There are so many different ways to put on a show, and the more experience you have with each style, the faster you find promoters, venues and show structures that complement what you are trying to do. Do not force yourself on a show with a structure or expectations that you do not agree with, as there are far to many shows and venues to choose from.

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