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Is everyone in your band on the same page?
by Shannon Frye – Drummer for Avenger of Blood

Bands should set goals and really work hard to accomplish them, both in a short term and a long term aspect. Most importantly, in order for that to work, all the band members have to be thinking and working on the same page. If one person doubts something, then you know what? It won’t work! Your band is only as strong as your weakest member and that includes everything. That means the music, the business, the shows, the tours, the recording, the promoting, the merchandising, the want and desire to make something happen! It all plays a part in this musical journey.

The band should always be communicating to assure that you are all thinking and doing things the same.
Write out your goals on a sheet of paper. One side list your short term goals and on the other side write your long term goals. Post it up for everyone to see to remind them and yourself that these things are what you are trying to achieve! It works!

Don’t acquire egos over your band either. Other bands, promoters and people see that and it really bites you hard in the ass! Keep yourselves in check yet at the same time complement each other and keep everyone motivated. Make it fun first and foremost, but know that the journey is a long hard road with lots of disappointments and let downs. The rewards come but only when everyone works and thinks together, meaning on the same page!

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