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Battle of the Fans is back, and its as loud and obnoxious as ever. I for one, love this time. It shows which pimple faced bands are ready to take a new step in the right direction, and more importantly who is reaching more than just their immediate family and friends. It also shows the dark, petty side of people and how immature and truly ignorant a lot of these kids really are. Cheating, publicly criticizing the process and other bands competing and even blast the people actually running it. This immediately shows me which bands and musicians I will shy away from in the present and future.

Extreme Thing is arguably the biggest annual rock festival in Vegas, and each year it opens the door for a few bands to shine in front of close to 10,000 people. Problem is, a lot of the bands relate the opportunity and work ethic needed to be selected, to the same efforts they put toward local shows they have already played. You cannot compare this to a 150-250 cap venue like Box Office, Cheyenne Saloon or Beauty Bar, or even the 1250 cap rooms of House of Blues and Hard Rock on the Strip. You can get by with a draw or fan base of 20-100 people there, in fact you can thrive locally in midsized rooms with that kind of consistent reach. But this isn’t one of those kind of opportunities. This is where you need to be able to potentially reach, and actually draw out several hundred, if not over 1000 people. If you do not have quality recorded music you will not be able to reach those kinds of numbers locally or anywhere. So if you are a young band, and don’t have a few years of creating music and sharing it effectively, don’t bother being upset when you lose to those that have. And Certainly do not lash out thinking you are further than you are.

But, and there’s always a fat but, your band must experience these kinds of opportunities. Not only to gauge where you are at, but also to network with bands and venues that you might not have normally played with, and reaching the obscene amounts of new people that will be exposed directly to your music. People that you can build upon and capitalize as potential fans later on down the road. Like this year, the live round is being held at the new Vinyl venue inside the Hard Rock Hotel. This is a 750 capacity room and tourists love to randomly come in and see who’s performing. Those shows alone are worth the effort. So all in all, those angsty turds need to quit being puto bitches and enjoy the process of sharing your music to real concert goers, and all the positive experiences that will come with it.

Check out the local bands competing this year, and all the known acts that have been announced on the main stages at

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