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For the first time since we started Band of the Month on, we have completed a full year of voting and winners. Since its just me and my sister running the website itself, it truly has been a tough year keeping up with nominations, poll creation and gathering the videos to ensure you can hear what you are voting for, and expose each bands fans to a new audience. But in that process, I have been able to listen to more music, and appreciate again why I started this website to begin with. Its to Spread the Word of the Unheards, one band, one song at a time. Join us in 2013 for another batch of great bands, and for former nominations to earn a win. Take a look back at the winners of 2012 and be sure to check out the BAND OF THE YEAR: Take the Lead.

Thanks to all the bands, fans and people who made this year of band of the month great!

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