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Unfair Fight‘s new EP ‘We Are the Dead’ is a 3 song refresher to their angry chaos after their 2011 full length release ‘A Constant Struggle’. The Vegas based Thrashy Hardcore Punk band has the feeling of the sweet dirtiness of a cassette or vinyl recording (fitting they are releasing a 7″ version) on this release with a sound somewhere between Testament and Agnostic Front. The album and 7″ will be out September 29th, 2012.

Track Listing and reviews for ‘We Are the Dead’
1. In A Room Full of Lunatics

The arrangement of this song allows for an immediate explosion and calls for a pit from the start, and breaks down beautifully in the middle, building up another pit explosion. This is a song to definately catch live.

2. I’d Rather Be Skateboarding

This seems like its very unfinished, and at only 1:17 long, it doesnt really give you anything but a seizure before ending.

3. I Fight Demons Regularly

This was my favorite track, showing the bands knack for blending metal and punk riffs fusing with their upbeat, yet almost deathly, drummer. It’s more polished as well, showing that the best is yet to come from them.

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