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Its been a long hard-fought and sometimes ridiculous battle. Tim and Denise have been at wits end trying to figure out why the Valley is so deadset on not allowing all ages facilities for concerts. The city shut the concert venue/indoor skatepark in march after a NON-lethal shooting occurred outside the building at an ADULT 18+ event in February after midnight. Those shows just wont be done anymore. The focus will be back where it belongs with the kids. Las Vegas needs a venue like Area 702 as so many concerts pass our town, and that creates a void of developing and hot bands that are just not House of Blues or Joint worthy yet. Having those midlevel shows in turns makes the local bands better and having a smaller gap to cover when wanting to compete with the whore known as the Strip. But with so much money being put in the pockets of our “leaders” it will be an uphill battle… Without shoes… In the rain on rocks… So heres where the Las Vegas local music scene comes in. If you support all ages venues, local bands and/or our local youth, then get your ass to the Clark County Government Center on Wednesday August 3rd at 9am (YES FUCKING AM, WAKE YOUR STONER ASS UP, GET OFF WORK FOR AN HOUR OR TWO) on 500 S Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89155 (accross from the World Market Center and Las Vegas Premium Outlets).

This is the appeal and it is very important that you come out, please let your friends, family and other bands know, it would mean alot. We just need about 200 people there, so only about 1/4 of what was at Area 702 for the battle of the fans.

Let us know you are coming by RSVP’n on this event at

Thanks again for all of you that have supported the venue in the past, present and future, lets make this happen, or burning bags of dog shit for every commissioner and non-believer!

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