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After 3 long years, Avenger of Blood will return to the stage. Armed with new members Brandon Gulling, R.A Carnage and Jeremy Hamilton, the exsisting members Marc Flores and Shannon Frye begin a new chapter for the band. The band is known for its Thrash dominance, but they are now headed in a deathly musical direction. Incorporating their thrash roots elements with more death metal, Avenger of Blood is sure to set a new pace to follow, much like they did for the Thrash metal rebirth of the 2000’s. They are working on a new EP as we speak and will be releasing it for FREE to the masses.

Their return to the stage will be at recently remodeled Cheyenne Saloon on September 15th with Spun In Darkness, Predatorial and Mynas. Tickets are only $5 through or just $7 at the door. Show is 21+, doors open at 8pm, and bands starting at 9pm

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