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Social media websites come and go, so make sure you have a personalized web domain that you can easily jump from each social fad, taking along your fans and friends with you. Focus on getting a one stop shop website set up showcasing your merch, music catalog, booking info and show dates, then using these fad sites to drive traffic there. So heres a few things to do on social sites to help drive that traffic home, once you have that website up.

Most important thing you should be promoting is your music. Now a microphone in the middle of the garage capturing your greatest hits is not going to do very much good for you when promoting yourselves. So after you get your shit together and share the costs, using your current jobs to fund a marketable recording session, you will want to pick out the strongest songs. The strongest songs are what you are going to post on your social pages. Three is ideal. Then have all your other songs on your website, as an perk for visiting. Preferably you have already published your own songs, registered with a performing arts group like BMI or ASCAP as both a songwriter and a publisher (create an LLC or other business as a publishing company to do all your music from here on out.) So with that done, you release it digitally through Tunecore or Reverbnation distro, or each site individually. Whichever of those sites that gives you the best cut on sales is what you should use on your social pages that let you list a purchase link. Use status updates to link directly to a song and how to buy it in that higher profit webstore. Get on as many sites that allow you to stream as possible, and keep good track of log in info. Use those site stats to find out where and which of your strongest songs should be submitted to radio, booking agents, reviewing sites/magazines and to be made into videos.

Next should be your concerts. It truly is a pain in the ass to update all these social pages event sections, but its crucial to take advantage of each site, especially when touring. Most sites that allow you to post events, have them listed when people search for concerts in your area, so you want your shows right there in the mix. Easiest way to update all of these is to have a notepad open with all the details. Most event listings are the same – header, info, ticket link, poster, cost, date time and age limits, so have it all ready to copy/paste and upload quickly. It also keeps your promotions uniform with all the same info.

Now promote your image. Same promo band picture, logo (caption have it link to website), album cover (caption have it link to highest paying webstore) and individual press photos (caption have it link to bio section on your website) on each profile. Have all your live concert shots and other photos in a gallery on your website, but only a few, and in the caption let them know the photographer and short deets, and link to your website’s photo section saying there’s more. As your main picture, the best bet is your logo as it will be come more recognizable, the more you have it out there in other means.

All your social pages should have just the link to your website only, you want to have all the other links for all your social sites and online stores on your website’s link section. Use status updates to cross promote other sites linking not to those social pages but your link section. The only exception I would say to list all the sites you are on is Reverbnation. That site should be as complete as your website as it has so many tools to use.

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