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AFC EAST Preview

New England Patriots: Dispite getting tossed like a salad in the season opener to the Chiefs, the team will more than likely bounce back, and only the Dolphins have a roster on paper that looks like it will give them a challenge. Losing Edelman was no doubt a tough loss that will more than likely need a trade or free agent to fill that void. Cook isnt that every down receiver, he is a big play, big yardage player. Amendola is solid but more of a number 2 and able to work when Edleman and Gronk drew the focus. Amendola maybe out for a week or so with a concussion as well so expect ol Billy boy to go the route mentioned before, and hit the market to fill. Defense couldn’t stop Hunt or Alex Smith but adjustments and harsh practices will make them forget about the loss. I really hope I am wrong and they just don’t win much this year, but even when Brady was hurt they still had double digit wins with Matt Cassell, so I dont expect them to fall, but we all have dreams.

Miami Dolphins: I had first hand views watching Adam Gase’s offenses when at Denver and it was amazing. He was getting Ryan Tannehill ready to rock when he went down for the year and he goes and gets one the most hated QB’s I have ever hated. Jay Cutler ruined the Jake Plummer run, then ruined the Josh McDaniels run before it started, then ruined Lovie Smith’s career, then Marc from Canada, then put John Fox in position to get fired as well. He isnt a good QB, unless he has three days in the backfield to make choices. He looks for the long ball and if its not there he just gets sacked. He did have one of his best seasons under Gase, who fueled his nonsense to a decent year with a bunch of shit players, but in Miami he has a Landry and Ajayi that should let him at least hold the fort and generate basic numbers that their stout defense can maintain with. I was hoping with Tannehill that they would be able to dethrone the Patriots finally but with Cutler I just see 8 wins and a bad fish taste when it’s all said and done.

Buffalo Bills: Either they have made the greatest moves as they have the youth to compensate or they just put themselves in position to get a top ten draft pick. Sammy Watkins, Gilleslee lead the departures and the new regime made some more moves, seemingly to get personnel to fit the schemes. I was really hoping Rex Ryan’s crazy ass would have made it work, but he should just be a bad ass Defensive Coordinator and make us happy. I just don’t see them getting enough wins inside or outside the division with their schedule. Maybe new head coach Sean McDermott will have something up his sleeve, but I assure you, Belichek already has a camera up there.

New York Jets: The fire sale that was the Jets leaves the team in position to fire the head coach and start again, again. The same old shit different season is getting old, and they just don’t seem to give a shit about competing. It would be a shame to let Todd Bowles go when the leadership let all their stars go. Don’t get me wrong, they have some solid young talent but with very few standout veterans left, it would be hard to develop those players into what they could be in this situation. QB’s will get them 3-4 wins this year at best.

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2017 NFL Season Preview

It is back and we are ready for another season of the NFL, and each team other than the Browns feel they have a shot at making something of themselves. For the first time we will be breaking down all the divisions and let you know who we think will be atop of each. We begin with the NFC East.


Dallas Cowboys: Although losing some key names on defense and a few O-Lineman, including Ronald Leary and Barry Church. But as a whole the team is still solid enough to outlast the rest of the East. I am worried about Dak, as year two can be rocky for young QB’s, just look at Robert Griffin III, Rick Mirer and Tim Couch. All showed great promise as a rookie, then was lost in mediocrity or worse for the rest of their careers. I expect Dak to continue his successes, but when the league upholds Zeke’s suspension it will be a tough ride… or will it? Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris are starters in their own right and should keep the pace for the time being. On Defense the losses on the secondary might be the silver lining, and keep the team around 10 wins this year.

New York Giants: A deep mix of veterans and youth, the Giants look as good on paper as they have in the Eli era. With two Lombardi’s earned with sketch ass teams, this one looks like they could sneak in and steal another one from Tom and the Belicheks. I love the addition of Brandon Marshall, who can guide Odell to some humility and reality, as Marshall was nearly the spitting image of Odell when he was on the Broncos, extremely talented but emotional as fuck. I expect Eli to have his best year to date, and compete with the Boys for that top spot and cement at least a wild card spot.

Philadelphia Eagles: Wentz and co are getting rolling and with the addition of Alshon Jeffery and LeGarrette Blount, they should be solid but just not enough to get over the division. I just don’t see them consistently winning enough, but they do have the foundation for when the Giants implode to compete with the Cowboys for years to come. Doug Johnson has done a fantastic job in getting the team back to the foundation that Andy Reid held for so long. Now they could come surprise us all and run away with it, but I just don’t see it all coming together, for some reason I compare this team to the “Super Team” they put together years ago, only to fall flat.

Washington Redskins: I don’t even know where to begin. This team has a better QB than most teams but end up giving him more money with the Franchise Tag then they probably could have gotten him for if they just showed him a bit of respect. I get that he is one of the few remaining from the Shanahan era but he is solid enough to put the team in position to win, but again, the Snyder effect will always plague the roster and team. He has no problem overpaying solid but not elite players like Josh Norman, and comical signings in the past like Jeff George, Albert Haynesworth, Donovan McNabb, Bruce Smith (only to chase the sack record), Antwaan Randal El and so on and so forth. But give Kirk a decent contract offer and give him the reigns? Nah, let em leave to San Fran next year and lets move on. Now I do remember that in 2015 they won the division, but lets be honest, that was a terrible year for the East.

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LV Sports Bang Bang!

Josh Figg

Las Vegas loves sports, granted it looks like on the surface we only like to bet on them. But for the now 2+ million and growing Valley, it’s finally time for us to get our big people britches and get on the same level as those other metropolis’. Starting with our own expansion NHL team, the Vegas Golden Knights. I have only been here for about 18 years, but I know for a damn fact we are the Silver state, and I don’t recall learning of med-evil castles around town other than the Excalibur Casino.. So we fucked that up right off the bat. But who cares? We have our own team from scratch. Another problem with Vegas is that we only like whats hot and “it”, so having a team that more than likely won’t be a contender for years will be a tough ride for the superficial fucks that grace only the mainstream ways of life here. Good news is that we will be a destination for opposing fans when their team plays here, so we should be able to maintain, at least for the short time, but that front office needs to be headed to Lord Stanley’s route faster than that blue hedgehog.

We do, and have had a professional baseball team in the 51’s, but AAA baseball is not the show, $1 beer night is the only time we seem to care. Granted when we get ol Timothy Tebow, who is currently running the ranks of the minor leagues for our New York Mets, who we are the farm club for, we should sell the heck outta some jersey’s and seats. Logistically, we would need to renovate, expand or build an entirely new ball park if we would want to content for a MLB team. Las Vegas Stadium might change just change that but that is just breaking ground.

For decades we have had semi-pro basketball and football teams that last a few years and either the team relocates or the leagues fold. Our Runnin’ Rebels more than make up for the slack, but this is a great town for basketball, and with the T-Mobile Arena in place and already home to our Golden Knights, we are now a new prime candidate for a NBA franchise. From what I have learned, we are more than likely to obtain a team like the Bucks or Timberwolves than land an expansion team. Hopefully we can handle our shit better than we did when we had the All-Star game years ago.

Now on the the football side of things. As a lifelong Bronco fan, I was cringing at the news that we were potentially getting a team, either the Chargers or the Raiders… I hate them both, but despise the Raiders with such a passion, a respectful yet seething one. I was raised on great battles between my Broncos and the fucking Raiders, then after they botched that Super Bowl, they were pretty much shit for a solid decade. Which was awesome, but what makes football great is the division rivals and strong competition, and seeing San Diego and Kansas City made some runs during that time but never reached that pinnacle that the Raiders and Broncos have been known for made it kind of boring. But over the last few years, the team has not only built a contender, but have both sides of the ball rolling toward a Lombardi. Baiting Oakland native Marshawn Lynch from retirement to play out the remaining years in Oakland before the Vegas move, will put them in prime position to win and win now. So not only are we getting an NFL team, but might just be inheriting a Super Bowl Winning team. That’s disgusting as fuck to type and re-read just now.. Holy shit. So if the Raiders can get out the heavily competitive AFC west with a Championship, they might have what it takes to dethrone the Patriots and Broncos as the AFC representative in the Super Bowl come February. Gross.

So the stage is set and all eyes are on Vegas as we try and shed the gambling moniker and join the ranks of elite cities who suck ass in education and infrastructure, but kick ass because we have professional sports teams and stadium debt!

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This was great news to my inbox. One of my favorite local bands (My mom calls them Sic O Sic) is teaming up with one of my favorite people in the business. Read on!


SICOCIS sign to M-Theory Audio to release new album in 2017

Las Vegas’ premiere metal band SICOCIS have been making a name for themselves in their scene from winning the title of best local metal band from Vegas Rocks magazine and Battle of the Bands to sharing the stage with the likes of Dark Tranquillity, Kamelot, Devin Townsend, Amaranthe, Tesseract, Kataklysm, Dragonforce, Unearth and many more. Recently the band has been gigging out regionally and recording a brand new full-length album, which will see release early next year.

Sicocis blends influences from the melodic death metal, epic power metal and dark, progressive scenes creating their own unique and modern sound. The group have partnered with label M-Theory Audio, also based in Las Vegas, to release,Requiem of the World. M-Theory Audio is the imprint of Marco Barbieri, former President of Century Media and Nuclear Blast Records, and current manager for bands like Flotsam and Jetsam, Warbringer and Exmortus.

“We are absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with M-Theory Audio. We have known Marco for many years, and are very happy to be working with him as we share common goals and aspirations,” states singer/guitarist Ernie Rodrigues. “We are extremely excited to continue our path, and have M-Theory by our side. Sicocis is very proud to represent the finest!”

“A couple years back I was immediately struck by Sicocis as from the get-go they did everything right as they aggressively promoted their shows, performed very professionally for a local band, are super nice guys and most of all kicked-ass,” explains Marco Barbieri. “I’ve kept my eye on them and their development and was just floored when they played me their new album that I knew I had to bring my experience and connections so more people could be exposed to this band.”

“We want to achieve an overall sound and feel for Sicocis that is a limitless source of emotions within the music. We want listeners to escape their realities and lose themselves in the stories and tone of each song,” explains guitarist Rafael Ortega. “The music is dark and heavy and bit progressive, but also incorporates that dynamic, almost cinematic, sound that can be fast-paced and extreme.”

Look for more details soon about Sicocis and the release date for Requiem of the World. Pre-order available at for the special price of $8.

In the meantime, enjoy the first video from the forthcoming album for the song “We Shall Rise”

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Century Media sends me some swell news from time to time. Enjoy!


WITCHERY – In His Infernal Majesty’s Service album out NOW!

In His Infernal Majesty’s Service, the 6th studio album from Swedish blackened metal sect WITCHERY is out now all across the world via Century Media Records.
Some examples of the great media reactions to In His Infernal Majesty’s Serviceinclude:
“Album of the Month” & 9/10 points review / Close-Up (Sweden)
Soundcheck position # 2 & 8/10 points review / Rock Hard (Germany)
Soundcheck position # 3 & 5/7 points review / Metal Hammer (Germany)
Soundcheck position # 7 & 11/15 points review / Legacy (Germany)
Soundcheck position # 2 & 9/10 points review / (Germany)
Soundcheck position #4 & 83/100 points review / Aardschok (The Netherlands)
“Swedish Thrash diabolists WITCHERY fire-up a witchin’ (six six) sixth LP!”
– 4/5 K review / Kerrang! (UK)
Another impressive offering from one of Satan’s most underrated cavalry units”
Check out two blazing tracks off the album here:
The album’s complete track-listing is as follows:
WITCHERY – “In His Infernal Majesty’s Service”:
1. Lavey-athan (03:20)
2. Zoroast (02:34)
3. Netherworld Emperor (03:03)
4. Nosferatu (03:41)
5. The Burning Of Salem (04:23)
6. Gilded Fang (02:31)
7. Empty Tombs (04:13)
8. In Warm Blood (03:48)
9. Escape From Dunwich Valley (04:09)
10. Feed The Gun (03:02)
11. Oath Breaker (03:02)
In His Infernal Majesty’s Service includes guest appearances by Hank Shermann (Mercyful Fate / Guitar solo on “Escape From Dunwich Valley”), Jason Netherton (Misery Index / Guest vocals on “The Burning Of Salem”) and Nicholas Barker (Brujeria, ex Cradle Of Filth / Voice of the judge in “The Burning Of Salem”). The album’s initial CD pressing comes as Digipak with 2 bonus tracks (“Eye For An Eye” (03:48) and “Cloak And Dagger” (02:55), which are rare cuts from the Witchkrieg album sessions), as Gatefold LP on 180gr. vinyl (On black as well as limited runs of 100x white, 100x golden and 200x red vinyl colouring!) and also as Digital Download.
In His Infernal Majesty’s Service can be purchased here:
Celebrating the 20th year of the group’s existence, In His Infernal Majesty’s Serviceshowcases an illustrious and  revamped line-up consisting of original members Jensen (Guit., The Haunted), Rikard Rimfält (Guit., Seance) and Sharlee D’Angelo (Bass, Arch Enemy), alongside new additions to this nocturnal guild Angus Norder (Vox, Nekrokraft) and Chris Barkensjö (Drums, LIK). In His Infernal Majesty’s Service combines the best elements of WITCHERY’s signature old school Thrash, Speed, Death, Black and pure Heavy Metal with precision songwriting for maximum listening pleasure.
WITCHERY’s In His Infernal Majesty’s Service was produced and mixed by Daniel Bergstrand at Dug Out Studio (Behemoth, In Flames, Meshuggah). Artwork by Andreas Diaz Pettersson.
WITCHERY Discography:
Restless & Dead – 1998
Witchburner / EP – 1999
Dead, Hot And Ready – 1999
Symphony For The Devil – 2001
Don’t Fear The Reaper – 2006
Witchkrieg – 2010
In His Infernal Majesty’s Service – 2016
Chris Barkensjö – Drums
Sharlee D’Angelo – Bass
Angus Norder – Vocals
Jensen – Guitar
Rikard Rimfält – Lead Guitar
WITCHERY on Spotify:
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Our friends at Victory Records sent us this press release! No Vegas date, but hell, go listen to the new SEEKER album anyway. Buy that shit. Love that shit, then see that shit live when they do come.




Stream Loss at Terrorizer, On Tour Now 


SEEKER have returned after three years with their new album Loss. The Texas trio and Terrorizer Magazine are proud to exclusively premiere the album.


Listen To Loss At Terrorizer


“I wanted everything about the album to be faster, darker, more evil, more raw, and way more honest that anything I have ever done,” admits vocalist/bassist Bryce Lucien. “This is a new life for SEEKER, and this album is a massive step forward for us as players and songwriters. Anyone expecting something like 2013’s Unloved or our other past work will be severely disappointed. We finally let ourselves really go for it and try everything we’d ever wanted to do musically.”


Guitarist Andy Torres adds, “Writing this album was like a long, hard fought battle. We didn’t know if it was even going to happen, so finally getting to the release of Loss is a huge deal for me. I’m ready to finally start playing these songs live. We’ve been practicing constantly for our upcoming tours and things are sounding great, and we can’t wait for everyone to hear the album.”


Loss will be performed in its entirety as SEEKER’s first tour behind the album kicks off this Saturday with The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Traitors and Spite. The October/November trek includes festival stops at So What?! in Dallas and Texas Revolution in Austin. December headlining dates will be announced very soon.


SEEKER recently revealed two videos from the album, for the tracks “Void” and title-track “Loss.”


Loss was recorded by Zach Ohren, known for his work with Chelsea Grin and Fallujah, and the artwork comes in the form of a hand drawn, custom piece by Farron Loathing (Nails, Huntress). Lucien continues, “We’ve spent nearly three years working on this album and can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Expect the fastest and most chaotic music that we’ve ever written.”



w/The Last Ten Seconds of Life/Traitors/Spite


10/18 – Jacksonville, FL @ Nighthawks

10/19 – Biloxi, MS @ Zeppelins Pizzeria

10/20 – Houston, TX @ BFE Rock Club

10/21 – Dallas, TX @ Reno’s Chop Shop (So What?! Music Festival)

10/22 – Austin, TX @ Empire Control Room (Texas Revolution Festival)


11/5 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Loading Dock

11/6 – Denver, CO @ City Hall

11/7 – Wichita, KS @ Rock Island Live

11/8 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Cabooze

11/9 – La Crosse, WI @ The Warehouse

11/10 – Cudahy, WI @ The Metal Grill

11/11 – Crest Hill, IL @ Bada Brew

11/12 – Indianapolis, IN @ Emerson Theater

11/13 – Lakewood, OH @ The Foundry


w/ Extinction A.D.

11/14 – Murfreesboro, TN @ Autograph Rehearsal Studios


More Dates Announcing Soon!



Loss pre-order packages are available now at All packages include instant downloads of the songs “Rot,” “Void,” and “Loss.”



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This NFL offseason, the Las Vegas valley was whipped into a frenzy as three teams looked at the city as potential relocation sites. The San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders were and some still are, looking to get a new state of the art stadium to compete with the rest of the league’s Jones’ playgrounds. Ultimately and obviously only the Rams were able to secure a new site, and both the Chargers and Raiders retreated to their reluctant lands, scheming and plotting their next move. Well the Raiders owner, Mark Davis, came in with the aide of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, and began serious planning and fund raising efforts in Vegas. Rallies and press conferences gathered up all the Raider fans, and football fans alike, engaged with the possibility of of our very own NFL team. As a lifelong Bronco fan, its gross, but the city itself is ready for major sports franchises, evident with the NHL granting expansion to the city this year as well.

Unlike most other US cities, Las Vegas has the luxury of a billion dollar tourist industry and can funnel most of the requested costs of the estimated $750 billion dollars needed to build it. A rise in resort fees is the burden we are passing on to that tourist industry, and the plan is supposedly limiting the need of taxpayers fundage. Remember it is a loan, and again with our tourist industry we will not be in debt like the Seattle’s and the St. Louis’ alike. This will not help our last ranked education system, or crime rates or anything like that, but hey, Las Vegas might be getting a Football team!!

The bill was signed into law by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, but I am not exactly sure where it goes from here locally. Not to mention the NFL has to have a majority of the owners approve the move to the city, which the vote will not happen until next year’s offseason. So we may have a $750 billion dollar football stadium and no foosball team to play behind momma’s back!


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Here in the city of sin, things are cooling down with the addition of a new NHL expansion franchise set to hit the ice for the 2017-2018 Season. T-Mobile stadium is built and open, already hosting NHL and NBA preseason action as well as a slew of headline concerts. The stage is set and GM of the new franchise is filling in his staff quite nicely. According to, George McPhee has hired the man behind, a site used to simulate the NHL salary cap for a fan to play with. The site apparently was a labor of love and anyone that puts that much effort into hockey is a welcome addition to the team. We are all excited for the new team here, and truly begins a new era in Las Vegas sports!

Check our the full article on HERE

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     So many of us have endured the roller coaster that is The Walking Dead on AMC since the beginning. With is 7th season premiere looming, we are all still in a tail spin since the season 6 finale. With so many tragic and emotional deaths already under its belt, this new season begins with a (possibly TWO! gasp!) death(s!!) of a beloved character (unless it’s Eugene, we will be able to carry on, I’m sure of it). The intensity of that finale, leaving all of us guessing and theorizing for months, is at our doorstep, and the teasers and driving us even more batty.

      The names I have seen thrown out the most in these theories has been Glenn (thanks to the comics), Abraham, Darryl and Maggie. Of course all have been mentioned in one post or another… Except Rick of course, the unkillable sum’bitch! With the latest trailer showing either a ring or a watch, all is focused on Glenn, and if they follow that epic comic story line, he will be a Gallagher prop, come Sunday eve. We all know that they are loosely following that series, but usually just shifting characters. In the end, all usually end up Walker food shortly after or before. I myself am only on issue 92 as I write this, so I am excited to see what is coming next for the B&W series.

Here is some of those samsie samsie differences.

The show is on top of the ratings charts, and its rise has mirrored that of Breaking Bad‘s final two seasons as far as Nation-wide captivation. Can the show carry on this pace for another 7 seasons? Probably not, but the writing has been incredible for the subject matter. No other Zombie canon has made me feel anything other that enjoyment from the needless and fake gore. I am not saying the gore is believable (the sausage intestines a ‘dead’ giveaway), but the character development through hell on earth and how one reacts under insane circumstances is to be commended. Robert Kirkman laid the foundation for such a violent, cruel, emotionally bleak, yet hopeful and somewhat blind optimism keeps the ‘herd’ moving forward, through seemingly anything…. Until now?


Season 7 of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday on AMC




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Matt and Figg talk about things like Soundchecks, How Figg sees the potential in bands, missing Oprah, Life, and other nonsense that you will enjoy!